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Topic: Open call 2023, [your name], [name of your installation / project]


Read more about requirements and process below.

Open call

Copenhagen Light Festival would like to exhibit a broad range of light art and installations during its three-week duration. The festival utilises the fact that Copenhagen is one of the darkest cities in Europe during the winter months, and we want to harness this unique quality for architectural and artistical or experiential light pieces and illuminated elements in the cityscape. We want to have both impressive large-scale pieces and smaller, more subtle and thought-provoking experiences in our repertoire. A piece will typically consist of a separate illuminated object outside or a light source illuminating an existing building or square. A light installation can also be a light-based interaction or a projection that changes the surroundings. All pieces must be viewable from a distance and give the observer a clear and impactful experience. It is especially important to control the light intensity and scale carefully, so the audience will get the full impact of the experience. Please take into consideration that the February weather in Copenhagen may be cold and rainy. All light installations must both have aesthetic qualities and be sturdy enough to last for the entire three-week duration of the festival.

We assume that your work will be based on sustainable technology unless you are specifically making an artistic statement by not doing so.

As an applicant for the festival, you can apply for full funding, partial funding, creative sparring, technical support and/or networking with potential hosts. We draw upon our contacts and large platform in order to create dynamic collaborations that are beneficial for everyone to the greatest extent possible.

Your contribution will be reviewed by our Curator Committee, which consists of experienced professionals within the spheres of lighting design, architecture and art history. Every application is processed in a confidential manner. During the evaluation period, you may be invited to a conversation about the development and realisation of your project.

Light installation placements

The core areas of the festival are located alongside the Copenhagen Harbour, the Copenhagen Canals and along Kulturaksen (the “cultural axis” on the line from the Glyptotek to St. Nicholas Church). From here, it is spread out in a manner that creates natural routes along the waterfront and in the old parts of town. The central part of the festival is supplemented by satellite areas in the bridge quarters and in the urban development areas. Among other things, the Curator Committee is responsible for distributing funds in order to create a festival area so full of experiences that people can glimpse the next piece from the one they are standing at.

Your light installation does not necessarily need to have a single predefined location. If a light installation receives funding, the festival will assist with finding an appropriate location and host (if necessary). In these cases, it is an advantage to describe the optimal environment for achieving the desired effect.

Download the map of core areas below. There are many good places in the city to place installations but you can use it to get inspired or choose to focus on one of the suggested places on the map.

Main focal points of the Curator Committee

    • Visual quality
    • Artistic value
    • Architectural value
    • Cultural value
    • Creating a temporary urban space with artistic and experiential value
    • The scale of the light piece in relation to the city space and the spectator
    • Sustainability and the use of sustainable components
    • Technical and structural robustness due to the cold weather and the long duration of the exhibit
    • Having co-sponsors is an advantage
    • Collaboration with hosts regarding locations and co-funding can be an advantage
    • It is also a great idea to consider access to power and options for protecting the installations from rough weather and vandalism

Application requirements

  • A single PDF with all the information
  • 10 MB maximum size in total
  • No more than 7 pages (including the front page)
  • Language: Danish or English

Front page:
· Most important illustration
· Name of the piece
· Artist name
· Requested funding amount and currency
· Contact information

About the piece (1-page maximum)
The description of the piece must contain your artistic considerations, what is the piece about? Why is it relevant? A concrete description of its appearance and technical specifications. A concrete description of location, if the piece is location specific (including a map locating, if applicable), or requirements for the surroundings that the piece would be a part of.

Visualisations (2-page maximum)
Visualisation of the piece: Video, animation, sketches or other visualisation and a scale drawing (detailing the size of the piece).
* we encourage you to include active links to the video or visualisations of the piece

About the artist/artist group (2-page maximum)
Description of the artist/group of artists: Portfolio/references/CV.

Budget (1-page maximum)
The budget must include all expenses that you are seeking funding for. If there are unknown factors or parts that are not included in the budget, such as lift rental, cable rentals, etc., these must be noted as unknown sums.
The budget must clearly state if VAT is included or not.

* no fee will be charged for submitting applications for funding and/or creative sparring
* applications that do not adhere to the requirements stated above will not be considered
* if your piece becomes a reality, we will create a collaboration agreement that secures the rights of all involved parties

* please note the supplemental information about your responsibilities as an artist here

Send your application to:
Subject: Open Call 2023, [your name], [name of your installation]


Read about the process from the time you submit the application to your eventual participation, and get more in-depth insight into the curatorial committee’s and the festival’s methods. Download the process document below.