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Open call

Open call for Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 will be released  June 1st 2021

Copenhagen Light Festival wants to showcase a wide range of light art and light works during the three week long festival. The overall focus of the festival is to take advantage of the fact that Copenhagen is one of Europe’s darkest cities during the winter months, and use this quality to create the backdrop for architectural and artistic lighting and moments of magic. We want to show both voluminous and magnificent works as well as smaller and more subtle and perhaps thought provoking works in our program.

An artwork typically consists of an outdoor electric illuminating object or light source that illuminates an existing building or space. A work can also be an interaction in light or a video projection on or in a media. All works must be observable from a distance and you should take into account that the climate is a challenge and that requirements for brightness and scale are required for the audience to have the full experience. We assume that your work is based on sustainable technology, unless the opposite is essential to the artwork.

As a candidate for the festival, you can apply for full support, co-financed support, creative sparring, technical support and / or networking to meet potential hosts. We use our contacts and large platform to create dynamic collaborations for the benefit of everyone, to the greatest extent possible.

Your contribution is assessed by the Curatorial Committee, which consists of specialist in lighting design, architecture and art history. Each application is treated confidentially. You may be invited to a conversation during the assessment period to develop the project for realization.

Location of the works

The festival’s core of activities are the Port of Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Canals and the cultural axis (the line from the Glyptoteket to Nikolaj Church), from which the festival spreads with impacts so that natural routes form along the water and in the old districts. The core of the festival is complemented by impacts in the neighborhoods and urban development areas. The task of the curatorial committee is, among other things, to provide funds so that the festival has a saturated core area in the inner city, so that from one work you can see the next work.

The focus points of the curatorial committee

    • Visual quality
    • Artistic value
    • Architectural value
    • Cultural value
    • Creating a homogeneous festival map, logistically, artistically and visual.
    • Sustainability and application of sustainable technologies. We are sponsored with a green electrical power by Ørsted.
    • It is an advantage if you have co-sponsors.
    • It is an advantage if you are in dialogue with a host regarding. location and possibly co-financing.
    • It is an advantage if you have thought about access to power and securing equipment to weather conditions and theft.

Requirements for application

Requirements for application

  • One composite pdf
  • Max. 10 MB total
  • Max 6 pages
  • Languages: Danish or English


About the work (max 1 page)
Description of the work should include artistic considerations, what is the work about? Why is it relevant? Specific description of appearance and technical specifications. Description of location if the work is site-specific (possibly location on map) or in which environment the work is intended to be in.

Visualization (max 2 pages)
Visualization of the work: images, video, animation, sketching or other visualization + dimension drawing (size of the work)

About the Artist / Art Group (max 2 pages)
Description of artist / art group: Portfolio / reference / CV 

Budget (max 1 page)
The budget must clearly state whether it is with VAT or without VAT. All costs for which funding is sought must be included in the budget.

* A fee is not charged when submitting applications for support and / or sparring
* Applications that do not comply with the above requirements will not be considered.
* if your work is realized, a cooperation agreement will be drawn up, which will mutually guarantee the rights of the parties

* see info on artist’s obligations here

Send the material to: info@copenhagenlightfestival.org
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