What is Copenhagen Light Festival

Copenhagen Light Festival is an annual light festival that transforms the quiet and cold winter darkness into a unique celebration of light art, lighting design and illumination in the center of Copenhagen. 

In three weeks of February the festival presents a wide range of light based works – such as sculpture, installation, projection mapping, event and illumination created by both established and upcoming light artists, lighting designers, students and organizations. 

With a tailored light program selected by a curatorial committee, the festival exhibits, accentuates and interprets the city’s different spaces,squares, facades, bridges and hidden places in a new and engaging way. 

The majority of the light works are placed along a path in the inner city and the harbor, while a selection of art works that can be experienced in areas located outside of the city center.

The Festival invites both international and local audiences of all ages to enjoy the city during the darkest and even the coldest time of the year.