Artist responsibilities

Artist responsibilities


Collaboration agreement

All artists and contributors hosting something in the festival programme must sign a collaboration agreement in order to ensure mutual rights and distribution of duties.



The artist or host is responsible for insurance of the light installation, if they want it to be insured. The Secretariat and the festival are not liable for damages or accidents caused by or in connection with the installations.


Safety of yourself and others

Any artist/contributor (or group of contributors led by a legally responsible partner) is obliged to making the installations safe for spectators in every way, including (and not limited to) mechanically and electrically. The festival team and the festival organisation are not liable for damages or accidents caused by or in connection with the installations.

All tasks carried out on electrical installations must take place in a safe manner. The owner/user/artist is responsible for any electrical installations, including temporary ones, and must correct any and all faults and deficiencies.

Read more about safety here – Working on electrical installations (danish)

Read more about safety here – Temporary electrical installations (danish)


Maintenance and operation

The artist is responsible for ensuring that the light installation remains functional during the 3 weeks of the festival. In case of breakdowns, or if the installation requires maintenance, the artist is required to rectify these issues. If your proposal requires maintenance, please explain this in detail in the application material, since this is one of our evaluation criteria for the installations.


Program materials

As an artist, it is your responsibility to supply Copenhagen Light Festival with all relevant materials prior to the launch of the festival.

The deadline for submitting these materials will be announced in September, and it will most likely be in the beginning of December.

Materials include:

  • A photo of the artist/artist group (one photo of the group). 250 KB maximum
  • Description of the piece. Max. ½ page (1200 characters) in English and Danish
  • Descriptive text about the artist or group, max. ½ page (1200 characters) in English and Danish
  • Photo/visualisation of the piece for web, press and social media
  • File size: 800×800 pixels, 250 KB maximum. Name the photo: artwork name_artist name_photo credits_date.jpeg/png

* If you find it difficult to compress the file size to 250 KB or less, we will gladly do what we can to assist you

The materials may be used in the programme on the home page (, in press releases, on social media and in presentations during guided tours.