01. Du som er i Himlene!
By: Marie Nørgaard (DK)
Where: Højbro Plads

This piece establishes a connection between the ground below us and the Heavens above. Between the physical and the spiritual. A surrender to something higher than us. A place for you to connect with what you truly believe in.

Marie Nørgaard Nielsen is a Danish textile artist, who has previously participated in Copenhagen Light Festival with Oraklet in 2022 and På den anden side af Solen, which was also part of the Light Art Grindelwald festival in the Swiss Alps later that year.

Mani Nikdel is an Iranian designer and artist, who lives in Århus, Denmark. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival in 2022 with Transcendence and in 2023 with Terra.

Lighting: Mani Nikdel

Instagram: @marienoergaardnielsen
Instagram: @maninikdelstudio

Thank you: Mathilde Märcher, Jes Hermann Saatterup, Erik Larsen & Søn, Martin Lighting

02. GAIA
By: Mani Nikdel (IR/DK)
Where: Ved Stranden 14

GAIA, a 3 metre installation inspired by the Hoberman Expandable Sphere, transforms into a luminous spectacle at night, captivating with vibrant lights and a reflective ball at its core. The installation’s kinetic symphony of motion, inspired by the rhythmic pulse of the Earth, fosters contemplation on environmental sustainability. GAIA becomes a catalyst for change and connections among attendees, urging collective responsibility for the preservation of our planet.

Mani Nikdel is an Iranian designer and artist, who lives in Aarhus, Denmark. In 2022 he created the sound and light installation Transcendence, which was part of the Copenhagen Light Festival program on Refshaleøen. In 2023, he created TERRA in Havnegade.

Light: Martin Professional
Music: Bjørn Svin

Instagram: @maninikdelstudio

Thank you: Stromma, Martin Professional, Bjørn Svin

03. PiXLEarth
By: Frederik Hougs & Claus Boysen (DK)
Where: Knasten, Havnegade 14

At the heart of PiXLEarth lies a profound question: What has climate change actually caused? What have we humans actually contributed to? These questions serve as the driving force behind the project, as the artists strive to present the complex issue in a simple yet sophisticated manner.

By leveraging modern technology, Frederik Hougs & Claus Boysen combine historical data with live data from around the world and sprinkle it with their own creativity, enabling them to provide a living installation that triggers the curiosity of the audience.

Frederik Hougs is a graduate lighting designer from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, who has worked in places such as the Royal Danish Opera House. Claus Boysen is a trained graphonomist, who works with lighting design for the theatre, musicals and concerts.

In collaboration with Hans E. Madsen, Frederik Hougs has previously participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2021 with Pressure, as well as in 2022 with Comms.

In 2023, Frederik Hougs and Claus Boysen participated with the piece Waves.

Light: Frederik Hougs
Graphic Design: Claus Boysen

Instagram: @theaterpixels
Instagram: @wwfdk

Thank you: WWF, Stromma Danmark, By & Havn, Copenhagen Light Festival

04. Bron, Broen, Bridge
By: Båll & Brand (DK)
Where: Knippelsbro


The work is a tribute to the bridges as part of the city’s historic architecture, but also in general a tribute to all of Denmark’s bridges and status as a pioneering country in relation to bridge constructions and architecture. In Denmark we have approximately 2500 bridges and in Copenhagen more than 30.

Using light, the work amplifies and enlarges the bridge in the atmospheric space. In addition to bringing sky and sea and the two banks even closer together, the light cones also reconstruct the bridge with references to suspension bridges. The work is therefore the last link in a long line of the many new constructions of the bridge that Copenhageners have witnessed throughout history.


Established in 2003, Båll & Brand is an audiovisual artist collective, renowned for transcending traditional artistic expressions. Their collective expertise crafts immersive experiences, grandiose light installations and atmospheric scenography that merge aesthetics, technology and the human spirit.

Their approach to art is intentional and site-specific, blending science, technology, engineering and mathematics into mesmerising displays.


Thank you: Københavns Kommune, Bro og Tunnel

By: Dorte Persson (DK)
Where: Havnegade 23

BAROK NOTATION is a dance from the 16th/17th century that has been recorded in writing. Recreated with a modern expression, this piece makes a story from bygone times come alive, while also spotlighting an overlooked space in Copenhagen: a pocket with a timeless resonance. The work also reflects themes from the Baroque period: adornment, movement, curved lines, contrast and dramatic use of lighting. “Baroque” means “imperfect pearl”, which encompasses the work.

After many years as a contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer in Denmark and abroad, Dorte Persson turned her attention towards the art scene, as she was fascinated by the visualisation of dance through the medium of light installations. Her examination of installations and crossovers has resulted in art exhibitions at multiple locations throughout Denmark.

Facebook: @DortePersson

Thank you: Neonsign

By: Aart, NOAA & Ampell
Where: Havnegade 37

With the brick pavilion BRICKS IN COMMON, an interdisciplinary partnership in construction industry focuses on brick as a tradition-bearing building material and explores aspects of how brick can be brought sustainably into future construction. The lighting concept supports the pavilion’s main narrative: the arches grow in size and volume while the CO2 footprint remains the same.

Ampell is a lighting company consisting of designers, collaborators, and conveyors of light.

With a focus on the properties of light and the environments we inhabit every day, Ampell strives to create lighting experiences and atmospheres that stage the framework for lived life. At home, in the workplace, in culture and in the streetscape.


Thank you:
BEGA, AART, NOAA, OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører, Ampell, Egernsund Wienerberger, Søndergaard Nedrivning, Vognmand Peter Falck,

KALK, CRH Concrete, Gamle Mursten, Københavns Murerlaug, Murerlærlinge fra NEXT KBH,  TechCollege, Bevica Fonden, VIHDA – Videnscenter for Håndværk, Design og Arkitektur
07. Vivid Verve
By: Vibe Lundemark (DK)
Where: Jorcks Passage

Through cultural reflections and sensory dialogue, past and present are woven together in an international meeting between 230 years of Japanese lantern craftsmanship by Kojima Shoten and Vibe Lundemark’s modern, digitally printed patterns, hand-painted colour gradients and unifying reflections in Swarovski crystal details.

This work thematises mutability and the enchantingly elementary relationship between light and colour in a scenographic interaction, in which a poetic potential is brought to life through LED light designed in a particular manner that lends the piece a unifying, living breath.

Vibe Lundemark is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Master of Arts/Fashion Womenswear, and since 2009 she has been working professionally with design and art projects, including an exhibition at The Danish Biennale for Craft & Design.

In both art projects and textile and clothing design, there is a professional focus on the artistic exploration of analog and digital interactions in sensory narratives. Vibe Lundemark also designs the clothing brand Tabernacle Twins and, in addition to collections, creates bespoke design projects for several Danish artists.

Instagram: @vibelundemark
Instagram: @kojima_shoten

Thanks to: Kojima Shoten, Statens Kunstfond, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Jorcks Passage, Philips , ighting/Signify, Swarovski

08. Les Yeux (the eyes)
By: Simon Chevalier (FR)
Where: Kongens Nytorv 4

Seeing beyond appearances, our eyes can see too much but also nothing at all. Without light, we cannot see and with our eyes closed, we only see darkness.

The artist wants to offer a simple, minimalist experience, without the exuberant use of polluting and energy-consuming technologies. By sending a message of sobriety, he invites visitors to “open their eyes” on our consumerist world and the need to change it.

Simon Chevalier is a French artist based in Lyon in the south of France. In 2022 he was appointed, and subsequently honoured by the President of France, as one of the year’s 100 best designers by the French Ministry of Culture. Simon Chevalier/LUX has previously exhibited works at Kongens Nytorv during Copenhagen Light Festival.

Produced by: LUX

About EEA
The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union that delivers knowledge and data to support Europe’s environment and climate goals. Our core tasks are supporting policy development and key global processes, offering analytical expertise, and providing and maintaining an efficient reporting infrastructure for national and international data flows. The EEA is located on Kongens Nytorv next to the captivating Artwork “les yeux” by Simon Chevalier.

Chevalier’s sustainability efforts resonate with our core work, having our Eyes on the Environment in Europe.

Take a closer look at our areas of expertise on our event page:

Instagram: @_simonchevalier

Thank you: Institut français du Danemark, European Environment Agency

By: Mourka (FR)
Where: Nyhavn

LANTERNE TOURNANTE is based on the principle of a shadow theatre. During the day, the object looks like a decorative lantern. In the evening, the lantern lights up and animal characters appear, spinning in a farandole to create sketches on the theme of the forest.

Since 1996 Mourka, graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, has been composing urban or landscape scenographies mainly with light. Her approach consists of designing short-term or transitory projects in the form of night-time showcases, performances or installations, presenting sites that emphasise the poetic, the beautiful, the unusual and the playful.

Instagram: @mourka.yaqua

Thank you: Nyhavn Erhvervsforening

10. Ø
By: Søren Lyngsø Knudsen (DK)
Where: Sankt Annæ Plads 18

Ø is an interactive light and sound installation consisting of spherical sculptures made from stainless steel. The installation invites you to interact with a harmonic interplay in which the output of light and sound from the spheres is controlled by the distance between the audience and the sculpture.

Søren Lyngsø Knudsen is a multimedia artist who uses sound as a basis for his visual art. His work spans a wide range of media: graphics, installations, sculpture, light, video and music, always rooted in an exploration of the ways in which sound and visual elements can interact and shape our perceptions of space and time.

Instagram: @sorenlyngso

Thank you: Hotel SKT. Annæ, Statens Kunstfond

11. The Wave
By: Vertigo og Lil Lacy
Where: Ofelia Plads, Kvæsthusmolen


In December 2023, the sound and light sculpture THE WAVE returned to Ofelia Plads on the old “Kvæsthusmolen” in Copenhagen.

In this new constellation of the artwork, the artist collective Vertigo has created a brand new course of light in close collaboration with composer Lil Lacy, who has composed a new work for acoustic instruments. Both sound and light are inspired by the nature and movement of waves and are developed in close dialogue between the sound and light artists involved. Together they invite their audience to immerse themselves into the very universe of the waves.

Vertigo and Lacy have intertwined both the sonic and visual elements to create an organic and dynamic experience: the waves manifest in different forms and materials, from the sound waves of music and the sounds of the city to light waves from the sculpture’s LEDs and the surrounding city. These waves are in constant motion, influenced by the environment, wind and weather. The result is THE WAVE as a vibrant and everchanging work of art where sound and light interact to create a cyclical and endless wavelike movement.

The artist collective Vertigo has existed since 2010 and consists of Amalie Solander, Frederik Hilmer Svanholm, Jeppe D. Kristensen, Mikkel Meyer and Vibeke Bertelsen. They are known both at home and abroad for their visual scenography and large-scale installation art. In their installations, they work to create physical digital worlds that give the viewer a sensual experience in light and sound.

Composer Lil Lacy is a Danish-American classical composer who works with music within many genres and forms of expression. She has released several critically acclaimed and award-winning albums with various ensembles, as well as composed music for both classical symphony orchestras and choirs to experimental noise-cello etc. She often engages in close cross-artistic collaborations in the creation of music for performances, installations, dance, film and theatre. She received Léonie Sonning’s Talent Award in 2020.


Instagram: @ofeliaplads
Instagram: @lillacymusic

Thank you: Foreningen Ofelia Plads, Det Kgl. Teater, Jeudan

The Wave is owned by Foreningen Ofelia Plads who are also the initiators behind the installation of the work.
12. Tordenhjerte
By: Lars Lundehave Hansen (DK)
Where: Nyhavn 71

Sparks are flying on the corner of Nyhavn. A mighty pillar seems to attract lightning bolts – or is it perhaps equalising the electric voltage difference in the atmosphere? The dramatic outline of the structure is intersected by diffused white light. A heavy rumble rises from the ground.

If you make your way up through the middle of the sculpture, you will feel vibrations through your feet, as sporadic plumes of smoke rise around you, and you might ask yourself if this is all one big pressure relief valve for forces, we barely sense?

Audio artist Lars Lundehave Hansen has made his mark with his work for the last two decades. With roots in both his artistic education and many years of production work in experimental audio environments, Lundehave Hansen has uncovered and explored sound through artwork and sonic pieces.

Experiencing Lundehave Hansen’s works is all about moving around and observing the ways in which sound and staging examine time and space in different ways.

Instagram: @larslundehavehansen

Thank you: Rådet for Visuel Kunst, Statens Værksteder for Kunst, Statens Kunstfond, 71 Nyhavn, Copenhagen Strand Hotel

13. Hidden Nature
By: Annabelle Hill og Senja Ruohonen (AU/DK+FI/DK)
Where: Nordatlantens Brygge, Strandgade 91

Inspired by North Atlantic (Iceland, Greenland & Faroe Islands) folklore, Norse runes and the unique nature of the region, this installation explores the realms of forest spirits and the Huldufólk (hidden people) of the North. Perhaps the installation reveals a truly hidden world that exists in parallel, or it could merely be a glimpse through a translucent veil.

Annabelle and Senja are an Australian-Finnish artist duo based in Copenhagen. They have previously exhibited light art installations in Aarhus Festuge and in Copenhagen Light Festival. In their experimental, site-specific installations, they are fascinated by how light and art influence human experience and emotions. They often explore themes of perception, beauty and the unknown.

Instagram: @anoulaart
Instagram: @zensenja

Thank you: Nordatlantens Brygge

14. Breath of light
By: Ungt Lys by Daniela Stoian, Francisca Gomez, Anna Gallagher, Henrieke Bots
Where: Kuglegårdsvej 19-23


By a canal in the city, where darkness rests, a glow leads you towards a vibrant facade. As you are drawn to the old naval base, you notice that the facade radiates in warm hues, almost as if it has its own breath.

The wave of light guides you. You come to a halt, and here you realise that the luminous breath has followed you…

Ungt Lys is a group of young members of The Danish Lighting Center (DCL), working across multiple disciplines, all of whom are interested in and engaged in lighting.

As part of DCL, which is a non-profit organisation, Ungt Lys seeks to inform students and young professionals about the possibilities within the world of light. The group is governed by a board that arranges activities for the members of Ungt Lys.

Instagram: @ungtlys

Thanks to: Dansk Center for Lys, Vanpee, SIF Gruppen, Signify, Louis Poulsen

15. FLOW
By: Sofia Ivarsson (SE/DK) og Mariliis Kundla (EST/DK)
Where: Broens Gadekøkken, Strandgade 95 

FLOW is brought to life through its interaction with the environment along the harbourside, inspired by the movements of water and wind. The kinetic artwork imitates the dynamic movement of water in the Copenhagen canals, constantly shifting and changing. The artwork consists of thousands of small mirrors swaying in the wind, reflecting the surrounding light throughout night and day, be it sunshine or city lights. 

By responding to its surroundings, the artwork wants to make us aware of the changes in light, wind and weather conditions that continuously affect our experience of the outdoor space.

Sofia Ivarsson is an artist and designer with a background in stage lighting and experience design. She values creating art installations for public spaces that are accessible to everyone and add new dimensions to everyday environments. Mariliis Kundla is a lighting designer and audiovisual artist. She explores light as a medium and uses research-based lighting design and new media arts to create atmospheric experiences.

The two have created reflective light installations together since their first project Reflex was part of Copenhagen Light Festival in 2021.

Instagram: noga.projects
Instagram: mariliiskundla

Thank you: Broens Gadekøkken, Lys på Aarhus

16. Crystal Greenhouse
By: Shared Space and Light (UK)
Where: Broens Gadekøkken, Strandgade 95 

The projected content for the CRYSTAL GREENHOUSE is made up of a variety of different media which all visually explore seductive organic processes of crystallisation and include time lapse photography, 3D computer generated imagery and scientific stills which have been magnified 1,000’s of times.

The idea for the CRYSTAL GREENHOUSE came about through researching the possibilities of a portable video mapping installation which could be seen in a number of different places rather than being locked to one specific location.

Shared Space and Light is a UK based artist run organisation which normally uses 3D video projection mapping techniques to make site-specific work about people and place – enabling local voices, uncovering personal stories which spectacularly transform public spaces. 

With their video mapping shows Shared Space and Light provides a spectacular platform for ordinary voices to be heard. Engaging with different communities throughout the UK they have created unforgettable collective experiences for over 13 years.

Facebook: @sharedspaceandlight

Thank you: Broens Gadekøkken

17. Orange affære
By: Hans E Madsen (DK)
Where: Under Knippelsbro, Knippelsbrogade 10

With this installation, Hans E Madsen wants to transform the space beneath the Knippelsbro bridge into a psychedelic experience by mounting lighting fixtures on the chromed columns. These lighting fixtures are oriented so that the light is directed onto the columns, which then serve as reflectors, casting the light around the space. The piece will primarily be experienced as a mirroring effect. One that is amplified as you move around the space.

Image and lighting artist Hans E Madsen works with light art in a reflective manner in the public space. His works are always location specific and adapted to the surrounding architecture.

One of the artist’s touches is using common materials from the nearest DIY store, such as light fixtures, parabolas, ventilation pipes, scaffolds and underfloor heating pipes.

Hans E Madsen has exhibited every year at Copenhagen Light Festival with support from several Danish Foundations.

Instagram: @hansemadsen

Thank you: Kulturtårnet på Knippelsbro

18. Corkscrew
By: Frederik Hougs & Erik Lindkvist Thomsen (DK)
Where: Den Sorte Diamant 

CORKSCREW invites us to participate in a visual meditation on time and space. Five free-floating spiral shaped figures create a dynamic story through a poetic dance.

The spiral becomes a visual symbol of the duality between repetition and change, an exploration of the space between the reassurance of the constant and the excitement of the unpredictable.

The question arises: Should our perception of the world be interpreted as an endless series of repetitions, or are we able to see the beauty of the mercurial?

Frederik Dahl Hougs is a graduate lighting designer from the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Since then, he has worked at various venues, including The Royal Danish Opera and Tivoli Gardens.

Erik Lindkvist Thomsen is a graduate theatre, event and AV technician with a specialisation in illumination technology from NEXT education centre in Copenhagen. He has worked with lighting design for theatre companies and as a lighting designer for several Danish bands, touring in Denmark and abroad.

Instagram: theaterpixels
Instagram: elindkvst

Thank you: Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Den Sorte Diamant, Kulturafdelingen, Københavns Kommune, VIGSØ, Drop

19. Shine on, you crazy coral
By: Visual Science (DK)
Where: Den Sorte Diamant, Søren Kierkegaards Pl. 1

Why do corals glow? This is one of the ocean’s most beautiful and striking mysteries. SHINE ON, YOU CRAZY CORAL invites the audience to experience one of nature’s wondrous luminous phenomenons: fluorescent corals.

Recent collapses of coral ecosystems around the world is the first catastrophe unequivocally tied to global warming. In researching why particular coral species glow, scientists now believe that one of the functions of this fluorescent phenomenon is to defend corals against damaging sun rays and rising sea temperatures. In the installation, we witness coral creatures in a luminous display as they shine for survival.

Visual Science is an art studio dedicated to communicating the forefront of scientific climate research. In close collaboration with national and international climate scientists, we create installations, films and talks that transform intangible data into emotional and aesthetic experiences.

Artist Maja Friis. Producer Sofie Mønster. Technical set-up Nikolaj Dinesen. Scientist Elena Bollati. Photographer Brian Curt Pedersen. Composer Martin Dirkov.

Consultant, scenography Elisabeth Holager Lund. Consultant, underwater Mads W. Friis

Instagram: @science.visual

Thank you: Prof. Michael Kühl, Biologisk Institut, Københavns Universitet, Carsten Kehler Andersen, Decocean Aquarium, Stromma, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Tivoli

20. War and love
By: Jakob Fälling og Ole Samsøe (DK)
Where: Krigsmuseet, Tøjhusgade 3

What to do when your spouse is sent to the front lines? How do you handle falling in love in times of war? Can one choose to have children in a world that is on the verge of ending?

KRIG OG KÆRLIGHED is a work about the war in Ukraine, based on experiences from a trip though the war-torn country. It features interviews with six Ukrainians about the consequences of the war on their closest relatives – told through poetic drawings and audio.

Jakob Fälling is a documentary illustrator. He is specialised in storytelling and reportage illustration, and he has written and illustrated several books. In collaboration with Ole Samsøe, he has produced seven light and audio pieces that combine projected drawings with sound.

Jakob Fälling and Ole Samsøe, along with Bobby Salomon Hess, have previously participated in the Copenhagen Light Festival with [Københawnsg’] (2022) og KÆRE GUD (2023).

Instagram: @jakob.falling

Thank you: Epson, Statens Kunstfond, , olitiken-Fonden, William Demant Fonden

21. Tårnet på Christiansborg - EXTRA LIGHTING EXPERIENCE
By: Båll og Brand
Where: Tårnet, Christiansborg Slot

The tower of Christiansborg Palace will be illuminated from within with blue shades that complement the beautiful historical copper roofs. The light in the tower can be seen from many places in the city.

The light installation is created by the artist group Båll & Brand


22. Tree Dance
By: Tine Bek (DK)
Where: Teatermuseet i Hofteatret, Christiansborg Ridebane 10

TREE DANCE consists of meditative scenes shot among the crooked pines of Troldeskoven in Asserbo Plantage, as well as recordings from the attic of the Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre. This video piece is a nod to the restoration process of the historical wooden interiors from the 1730s and examines our relationship with storytelling, constructed landscapes, buildings and materials: The twisting branches of the trees become an image of time, frozen within the tree trunks

Tine Bek is a Danish visual artist whose work explores a fascination of the very close and the sublime. She works across photography, film and sculpture, creating intimate examinations of mortality and everyday objects.

Instagram: @tinebek

Thank you: Teatermuseet i Hofteatret, Troels Rasmus Jensen, Tivoli

23. Yggdrasil
By: Nationalmuseet v. Imre Petkov (HU/DK)
Where: Nationalmuseet, Ny Vestergade 10
In the center of the world stands Yggdrasil. A tree spanning many realms – of gods, giants, and men. 
At its roots are its three guardians, the Norns, spinning the threads of fate.
Yggdrasil, here at the National Museum was created for the 2024 Copenhagen Light Festival. 
We hope it brightens the hours of darkness and sheds some light on the human stories and keepsakes of the past,
woven into our shared history.
The installation combines a free-standing tree sculpture with hand-woven fiber optic roots and branches, spreading along the walls in the Museum’s courtyard.

It was created in collaboration between the Swedish sculptor, Anders Jansson and the National Museum’s lighting designer, Imre Mark Petkov.”

Instagram: @nationalmuseet

Thank you: Lemvigh-Müller Fonden

By: Adrian Hinge (DK)
Where: Danhostel Copenhagen City, H.C. Andersens blvd. 50

Open 24/7

I LAVA COPENHAGEN is a human-sized cylindrical lava lamp. With its endlessly rotating and undulating mass of turquoise lava, this lamp represents the constantly changing city of Copenhagen. The lava is as hypnotizingly beautiful and mysterious as the city and its culture. This is one of the largest lava lamps in the world.

Adrian Hinge has created psychedelic scenography since 2016. He decorates events with fluorescent colours. Adrian is an inventor and a constructor with a flair for the extraordinary.

Instagram: @adrianhinge

Thank you: Danhostel Copenhagen City

25. Tivoli's winter tree
By: Tivoli
Where: H.C. Andersens Boulevard 26

Tivoli offers a glimpse of the gardens at wintertime.




26. Green Beam VI
By: Båll & Brand (DK)
Where: Tivoli – Langebro – Amager Bakke

The symbol of Copenhagen Light Festival is utilising the simplest, most energy-efficient,and aesthetic approach to lighting. A striking laser line cuts across the sky, encircling Langebro and the Copenhagen harbour. 

The sixth edition of Green Beam, a festival staple, originates from two iconic locations – Tivoli and Amager Bakke, both symbolising man-made mountains – one of them with an actual ski slope on top. This year, the beam intriguingly bends at Langebro’s historic bridge tower, stretching a remarkable 3,560 metres, a nod to the height of the top station at France’s famed Les 2 Alpes ski resort.

When considering the history of human technology, laser technology is relatively new. This project, while being a tribute to the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, his atomic model and the principles of light transmission, also symbolises the future. Yet, the laser light we observe is, intriguingly, from the past. All light we see now, and in the future, originates from a bygone moment. This installation transcends time, building a bridge between man made marvels of Copenhagen, between Niels Bohr and Pythagoras, and between the past, present and future.

For onlookers, Green Beam VI reshapes perceptions of the bridge and Copenhagen. Amidst the cityscape, it prompts viewers to gaze upward, reimagining Copenhagen’s roofs, towers and architecture as if glimpsing into a distant future.

As one meanders through Copenhagen’s narrow, winding streets, the installation reveals itself variably – fully visible from certain vantage points, while only partial glimpses are caught from others. This interplay of visibility fuels curiosity and beckons exploration.

Established in 2003, Båll & Brand is an audiovisual artist collective, renowned for transcending traditional artistic expressions. Their collective expertise crafts immersive experiences, grandiose light installations and atmospheric scenography that merge aesthetics, technology and the human spirit.

Their approach to art is intentional and site-specific, blending science, technology, engineering and mathematics into mesmerising displays.

Instagram: @bllbrnd

Thank you: Tivoli, ARC, Københavns Kommune, Bro og Tunnel, By & Havn,

27. The Sun Also Rises
By: Ungt Lys v. Aleksandra Dudek og Beata Kur
Where: GoBoat-huset

Immerse yourself in the interplay of literature and light with THE SUN ALSO RISES, an installation inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s enduring novel of the same title. This experience invites viewers to explore themes of resilience and renewal through the language of light.

Ungt Lys is a group of young members of The Danish Lighting Center (DCL), working across multiple disciplines, all of whom are interested in and engaged in lighting.

As part of DCL, which is a non-profit organisation, Ungt Lys seeks to inform students and young professionals about the possibilities within the world of light. The group is governed by a board that arranges activities for the members of Ungt Lys.

Photo by Jørgen Hedrich / HOFFT

Instagram: @ungtlys

Thank you: Amager Vest Lokaludvalg, GoBoat, HOFFT, Dansk Center for Lys

28. Ambient Asylum

By: Desorb + Sjøgren Music (DK)

Where: Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18

Welcome to AMBIENT ASYLUM – a place where lighting, sound, and design fuse into a unique place of rest at the harbor at Islands Brygge. AMBIENT ASYLUM invites you to find peace in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city and reflect upon the interplay between space, light, sound, and human interaction. Various sources of natural flow, like the soft trickle of an undisturbed stream and the whirlwind of the winds, inspired the making of this piece.
Light and sound are put together harmoniously through noise generators to emulate the chaotic order of nature. The audience can affect the installation, and a build-in randomness factor makes every visit unique. Jeppe Holm, professionally known as Desorb, is an electrical engineer and lighting designer whose work is characterized by a deep understanding and love of light and technology.

Rasmus Sjøgren, composer and producer, is known for his ability to create beautifully atmospheric musical landscapes. Desorb and Sjøgren Music have previously collaborated on several audiovisual projects, including Nuets Portal at Copenhagen Light Festival 2021.
Lighting: Jeppe Holm Sounds: Rasmus Sjøgren


Thank you: Amager Vest Lokaludvalg, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Ingemann Components A/S, Bergmanns Montage, ApS Light Partner ApS

29. Tasteful light & cake art over the city rooftops - EXTRA LIGHTING EXPERIENCE
By: Jacob Helenius (DK)
Where: La Glace

The beautiful window displays are created by experience designer Jacob Helenius and head pastry chef Lars Juul in celebration of the Copenhagen Light Festival 2024. The fantastic cut-outs of Copenhagen buildings are kindly provided by the design shop Sort Slips Hvidt Slips located in Skindergade.

For 15 years, Jacob Helenius led the design team at Tivoli Gardens, a traditional amusement park in Copenhagen. Jacob Helenius was also instrumental, alongside Jesper Kongshaug, in the development of “Winter Lights” at Tivoli from 2018. In 2023, he ventured solo as an experience designer with Helenius Creative, which handles tasks within design, interior, concept development, and audio/visual design.


Thank you: La Glace, Marianne Stagetorn Kolos og Lars Juul

30. The Hygge Lighthouse
By: Gabriele Zocchi (IT), Petros Kitsantas (GR)
Where: Tårnet på Kultorvet

Inspired by the Danish concept of “hygge” and guided by the timeless lighting principles of Richard Kelly, the vision is to illuminate not just the physical structure but also the hidden narratives within the kiosk’s century-old wood carvings.

As passionate lighting designers, Gabriele Zocchi and Petros Kitsantas sincerely believe in the power of light to connect and amaze people through storytelling.

Collaborating with other experts dedicated to creating dreamlike digital experiences, and alongside a sound engineer, they set out to transform Kultorvet’s kiosk into a living lamp and a multisensory experience. Through the alchemy of lights, projection mapping and sound, the artists aspire to redefine reality and unveil a new dimension.

Music: Alex Chrysanthopoulos
Production: Yume Productions

Instagram: @gabrielezocchi
Instagram: @kitsantaros
Instagram: @alexandros_soundworlds

Thanks you: Kulbar, KommuneKredit

31. The right to choose
By: Petra Polli (IT/DE)
Where: Kulturhuset Indre By, Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3

The installation consists of several cotton lanes, which are hung up for drying like fabrics in dye works. A video projection can be seen on these natural cotton sheets showing a river in the new trend colour. The textile industry devours large quantities of water and pollutes the environment.

Water pollution is a major challenge, especially in textile refinement. Toxic tanning sludges and dyer’s residues from the textile industry enter the rivers unfiltered in many places, so that the new trend colour of the coming season can already be seen in the colour of the rivers.

The consequence: millions of people do not have clean drinking water and are plagued by disease. For years, catchwords like “cheap is cool” and “fast fashion” have determined our buying behaviour. Collections change in a short time and tempt us with low prices. What contribution is each one of us prepared to make?

Petra Polli (*Bolzano) studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg as well as Communication Sciences at the University of Salzburg.

She has had national and international exhibitions in galleries and museums.
Petra has won numerous art prizes and scholarships. Her works can be found in public and private collections.

Instagram: @petrapolli

Thank you: Brixen Water Light Festival, Kulturhuset Indre By

32. Hypnotic Chandelier
By: Rezvan ShahrabiFarahani (IR/DK), Elli Protopapadaki (GR/DK)
Where: Seaside Toldboden, Nordre Toldbod 18

Around 85% of plastic water bottles, which can take up to 1,000 years to degrade, end up as waste, according to CNN.

This chandelier is crafted from 500 recycled plastic bottles, serving as a symbol of environmental consciousness. As night falls, the installation becomes a meeting point where people immerse themselves in conversations and reflections on sustainability, reminding us of the transformative power of art in promoting positive change.

Rezvan (Bita) ShahrabiFarahani and Elli Propotadaki are freelance light artists who try to change the way we think about energy. They primarily use sustainable lighting solutions as a means to make us rethink the way we use our resources.

Instagram: Bitash.frh
Instagram: Lightitectures
Instagram: illlouz
Instagram: hypnotic.chandelier

Thank you: Seaside Toldboden

33. Existence
By: Chaos Engine Art Studio (DK)
Where: Nørrebros Runddel

The artwork EXISTENCE intricately explores the nexus between existence and consciousness, delving into the interplay of subjective experience and the external world. Through dynamic light, the sculpture initiates a fluid dialogue, unveiling an infinite inner reflection when illuminated, and transitioning to an outer mirrored image as the light fades.

As an art studio, Chaos Engine has been an integral part of Denmark’s tech-art movement for a decade. From temporary installations to permanent works across Denmark, Chaos Engine embodies a fusion of sculpture, total installation and the mesmerising allure of light art.

This year, they’re set to showcase their third exhibition at the Copenhagen Light Festival, promising another immersive experience.

Instagram: @chaos.engine
Instagram: @magnusfuhr
Instagram: @advatek
Instagram: @mad_mapper

Thank you: Nørrebro Lokaludvalg

34. TID - EXTRA LIGHTING EXPERIENCE – Vernissage 6.2. on site 5.30-6.30pm
By: Rasmus Nielsen (DK)
Where: Ahornsgade

The light installation “TID” is a sensual abstraction of the concept of time.

The work is based on a recently initiated intuitive working process, where Rasmus Nielsen experiments with deconstructing AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated material, which is subsequently incorporated as part of his physical works.

The installation is built up in layers of transparent textiles which, in interaction with AI-generated elements and light sources, result in a sensory work with tactile qualities that change character throughout the 24 hours of the day.

“TID” is a site-specific light installation created for Relæet and raises questions about the role and origin of art, and to whom ultimately is the craftsman and the brain behind the works, in a time where AI becomes a more widespread and integrated part of society. The result is an installation which, with an aesthetic expression, is both tactile and sensual, despite their digital AI origin.


Rasmus Nielsen (b. 1984), visual artist based in Copenhagen. Apprentice under Mahmoud Alibadi 2003-2004, debuted the following year with his first solo exhibition. For the past 5 years, he has been part of the art project SIIKU, and exhibited at venues including Kunsthal Aarhus, SOPHIENHOLM, Augustenborg_Project, and Gjethuset. Represented at Shoes or no shoes? Museum in Belgium, as well as a member of UKK.

Instagram: @ramusxnielsen
Instagram: @relaeet

Thank you: Nørrebro lokaludvalg

35. Winter light at Brønshøj water tower - EXTRA LIGHTING EXPERIENCE
By: Lyssætning af tårnet (DK)
Where: Brønshøj Vandtårn

Light in the winter darkness. Greetings from a landmark, Brønshøj Water Tower.

As a greeting from the landmark of the district, Brønshøj Water Tower, long chains of lights are lit every winter along the many pillars of the tower to showcase its unique architecture and to spread light and comfort throughout the area, for the many who pass by daily on their way to or from school and work.

Located at one of Copenhagen’s highest points stands a 34-meter-tall building – a pioneering work in reinforced concrete, which once distributed drinking water to the city’s residents. Now a cultural center. A landmark for the neighborhood and a significant contribution to the city’s skyline with its beautiful towers.

Brønshøj Water Tower is a cathedral for light and sound enthusiasts, an unexpected raw concrete frame for an increasing number of artists who seek something different from what a traditional venue or a white cube exhibition space offers.

The water tower provides space and resonance for everything from tea ceremonies and ambient music to black metal, avant-garde music, contemporary art, new circus, vocal music, opera, classical music, theater, and architecture exhibitions. Always created in collaboration with Copenhagen’s many cultural creators and cultural actors from home and abroad, who have fallen in love with the unique setting. Brønshøj Water Tower has become a place for total experiences, where sound, light, body, and architecture always come together in a special way.


Association Brønshøj Water Tower. Culture and Leisure Administration Brønshøj Husum. Brønshøj Husum Local Committee.

Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen Brønshøj-Husum

Thank you: Foreningen Brønshøj Vandtårn, Kultur og Fritidsforvaltningen Brønshøj Husum, Brønshøj Husum,  Lokaludvalg

36. Dueslag
By: Tokyo Blue (DK)
Where: Enghaveparken

In Enghaveparken lives pigeons, many pigeons. For some, they are friends, for others, they are flying rats. Like in the rest of the world, the city pigeon is both loved and hated, and at the same time, they are a strong and recognizable visual icon for cities and their small oases. But why are they here? What is their story?

Once, the pigeon was a working animal for humans, they were part of our communication system, carrying letters across the world. The pigeon is also one of the few animals that can recognize human-made signs such as numbers and letters. In our modern society, we no longer need their abilities, and few know that they can do something very special. With the light installation “PIGEON LOFT,” Tokyo Blue focuses on our dear neighbor and brings us closer to the life that is also part of city life and Copenhagen.

In February, the Rose Garden in Enghaveparken is transformed into a temporary pigeon loft, where the audience can explore the world of pigeons. The light artwork is set up in collaboration with Vesterbro Library and Cultural Center.

Tokyo Blue is an art group that works with light, colors, materials, space, and site-specific narratives. The art group consists of Silla Findstrøm Herbst, Katrin Barrie Larsen, and Helle Frøjk Knudsen.

Instagram: @tokyoblueartgroup
Instagram: @vesterbrobibogkulturhus

Thank you: Vesterbro Bibliotek og Kulturhus

37. The soul of the community - EXTRA LIGHTING EXPERIENCE
By: Dorte Holbek & Laura Bogstad (DK)
Where: Vanløse, Københavns Højskoleforening

“THE SOUL OF COMMUNITY” is an audio, light, and video work based on research into what community means to people and what communities they long for in Copenhagen. Based on responses from the survey, the two artists have found an overlooked house near Damhussøen (Damhus Lake) and given voice to this house: A house that upon closer inspection may contain THE SOUL OF COMMUNITY?

Laura Bogstad is a landscape architect and scenographer. She works with the city and its potential to create engaging and magical spaces. Dorte Holbek is an award-winning visual director and scenographer who works with interactive performance, art installations, and social activism.


Thank you: Københavns Højskoleforening, Vanløse Lokaludvalg, BY RUM SKOLE

38. White Recycle Projection - EXTRA LIGHTING EXPERIENCE
By: Rene Nielsen (DK)
Where: Århusgade 103, Østerbrohuset

WHITE RECYCLE PROJECTION is a white flower built from recycled materials, which serves as a canvas for 3D light projections. The animation is generated using artificial intelligence and recordings from the artist’s creation process for this piece. An organic narrative symbolising our digital footprints – the complex imprints we share in a reality, where things are not always quite what they claim to be.

René Gundels is struggling against the ever tighter digital straitjacket forced on us by social media. Art mirrors the person in a place where imperfection blooms and everything new is fascinating.

Instagram: @recycle.flipflower
Instagram: @den.groenne.plads

Thank you: Anne-Lise Breuning

39. Liquid Relations
By: Eva Esmann Behrens (DK)
Where: Kildevæld Kulturcenter, Østerbro

LIQUID RELATIONS is a projected piece, a space for reflection created by the water of the lake. It is based on the expressions and creation processes that arise when different temperatures and colours meet. LIQUID RELATIONS is a celebration of the element that makes up 60 percent of our bodies as well as all the movement that we rarely notice.

This piece has been developed through studying and experimenting with the movement of water and the visual expressions created over time in this exact space.

As a visual artist, Eva Esmann Behrens works with projections and lighting in installations both large and small, as well as in live productions. With a background in dance and other disciplines, she has been honing her visual craft since 2019 with a network of international artists as a starting point.

Nature is often present in her work – organic movements, their playfulness and poetry often take centre stage in her artistic expression and stage setups.

Instagram: @eva_esmann

Thank you: Kildevæld Kulturcenter, Q&A Studios, Schmiede, Daniel Nuderscher, Annika Ley

40. Flækkens Lys
By: Jakob Kvist (DK)
Where: Flækken Nordhavn, Kattegatvej 2

FLÆKKENS LYS consists of a series of light works created for the urban space “Flækken” in connection with light artist Jakob Kvist’s artist-in-residence period in 2023-2024 – a collaboration between the Municipality of Copenhagen and the Danish Arts Foundation.

These works are site specific and created at workshops by lighting enthusiasts and students from a long list of organisations and educational institutions, including The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Ungt Lys, Danish Lighting Center (DCL) and the Royal Danish Academy’s Institute of Architecture and Design.

Studio Jakob Kvist works with the hues of light and is interested in how chromatic colour gradients can spur movement and interaction as well as creating identity and wayfinding. The studio uses both artificial light and natural daylight to create works that transform themselves during day and night.

Instagram: @studiojakobkvist

Thank you: Statens Kunstfond, Lightpartner, Lysiplex, Sharing Cph.

41. Gevækst - EXTRA LIGHTING EXPERIENCE (EVENT: Kejser x Fredagsbar)
By: Vertigo / PLADS23, Valby (DK)
Where: PLADS23 – Grønttorvet, Valby

“Gevækst” is a dynamic light installation inspired by climbing plants, gradually growing up the architectural lines of the building at the cultural center PLADS23, highlighting them while also obscuring them and creating new lines. Similarly, Vertigo’s dynamic lights encapsulate PLADS23, forming temporary architectural objects in light that traverse the supporting beams longitudinally and transversely.

The band Kejser invites you to a ball on February 2nd at 8 p.m. as they take over the Friday bar at PLADS23 in collaboration with video artist Mille Løvkvist. Together, they create the framework for an immersive audiovisual experience where light and music merge.


Vertigo is an audiovisual artist collective that has been in existence since 2011. Vertigo is known for experimenting with formats, where the physical and digital spaces merge into scenographies and installations, creating new ways of experiencing.

Kejser cultivates the glamorous and the truly ugly because it is in the clashes that stories emerge and reality reveals itself.

Mille Løvkvist (she/they) is a video artist who has worked with live visuals around Copenhagen in the past year. Their visuals are inspired by the esoteric and internet culture, intricate and hyper-edited. Løvkvist is a master at matching moods, guided by the audience and the music – and must be experienced live.

Instagram: @plads.23
Instagram: @mille_loev
Instagram: @kejsers_bedste_dress


50. Mycelium Network
By: Stevie Thompson, Custom Fibre Optics (UK)
Where: Øens have, Refshalevej 

Mycelium Network is a mesmerising display of colourful light using thousands of sparkling fibre optic strands to represent the vast networks of mycelium often hidden beneath our feet. Glowing mushrooms softly change colour and pulse as if communicating with each other

Stevie Thompson’s approach of creating customised installations with a theme of flora and fauna is truly unique. His ability to seamlessly integrate his artwork with the environment makes the installations feel like a natural part of their surroundings.

Instagram: @customfibreoptics

Thank you: Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab

51. Arti Respiratio (A-RE)
By: Arthur Maria Steijn (NL/DK)
Where: Refshaleøen

ARTI RESPIRATIO (A-RE) is an interactive luminescent underwater creature. A result of our unhealthy consumption of technology, which generates vast amounts of technological trash. A part of this ends up in the oceans of the world, giving rise to new breeds of tech-creatures. A-RE is one such creature.

A-RE craves heat, which can be provided by curious visitors by way of artificial respiration. When A-RE receives additional heat, it will light up and show its beautiful, mutated form in all its shining, colourful splendour.

Arthur Maria Steijn has a background in electronics and an MFA in installation art, and he is an associate professor at the School of Visual Arts at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

At Copenhagen Light Festival 2020, Arthur Maria Steijn participated with the underwater light installation Trick of the Tail, a work featuring an animated mermaid tail swimming away from us and back to her friends.

Idea: Arthur Maria Steijn
Creative Development: Frederik Lauenborg

Instagram: @arthursteijn

Thank you: Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab, Christianshavns Lokaludvalg, Simon Christensen, Poul Andersen, Christianshavns Lokaludvalg, Copenhagen Light Festival

52. Painting the darkness
By: Lennowski (IT)
Where: Refshaleøen

The inspiration of this work comes from Lennowski’s previous experience as an abstract painter. A site-specific natural landscape or urban setting, that the artist imagines as a huge canvas to paint on, is illuminated with large scale video projections and reshaped by the ethereal visions of dream-like ambience emerging from the darkness.

Self-taught Sicilian artist Lennowski has been developing his own artistic style for many years as an abstract painter, graphic illustrator and audio-visual artist. The works of Lennowski have been exhibited in Italy, Germany and Denmark.


Thank you: Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab, Reffen / Werkstatt, Tivoli

60. In-Between
By: Daniel Popescu (RO)
Where: Vestre Kirkegård

IN-BETWEEN introduces viewers to a realm that exists between the organic and the artificial, presenting a captivating art installation that blurs the boundaries between nature and technology. Three seemingly simple cubes, positioned on black pedestals, conceal hidden mirrors beneath their surfaces, revealing a complex and electrifying internal structure with a continuous pulse that alternates between the three pieces.

A remarkable aspect of this artwork is its ability to change the viewers’ perception based on the outdoor lighting conditions.

Daniel Popescu is a creator and connector who explores unusual links between art, technology and education. In his Light Art productions, Daniel uses mirrors, reflective materials and perceptual illusions to challenge the perception of the world around us.

Instagram: @daniel_popescu

Thank you: Områdefornyelse Bavnehøj, Vestre Kirkegård

By: Nicolas Paolozzi (FR)
Where: Vestre Kirkegård

LOTUS is an expanding floral landscape with light and sound that sends you on a poetic journey. The lotus flower life cycle is unlike any other plant: opened in the day, closing for the night and miraculously re-blooming the next morning. In many cultures, this process associates the flower with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.

LOTUS seeks to offer a meditative experience. The dimensions of the installation reverse nature’s scale: the spectator is the size of an insect when walking through the landscape. This reversal aims to provoke a certain degree of humility towards nature.

Produced by: Module

Instagram: @moduledigitalart

Thank you: Områdefornyelse Bavnehøj, Vestre Kirkegård


62. Reflected
By: Scenograferne+ (DK)
Where: Vestre Kirkegård

REFLECTED is a light installation that invites visitors on an interactive journey of discovery. You can use your own flashlight, bike light or cell phone camera flash to activate the installation, and it will respond in kind.

Through this interaction, you will meet your very own reflection. It will differ from what your fellow visitors see – as the installation will reflect the light in the exact direction it came from. This is a portal where we only know our own point of departure, not what mysteries await on the other side.

REFLECTED was created by Scenograferne+, represented by costume designer Maria Gyllenhoff and scenographer and architect Elisabeth Holager Lund. They are part of the design studio collective Scenograferne+, which comprises 13 stage designers, costume designers, sound designers and architects working within the theatrical stage, architecture, nature and the public space.

Scenograferne+ participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2023 with Transcending Messages.

Instagram: @scenograferne

Thank you: Områdefornyelse Bavnehøj, Vestre Kirkegård, Tivoli


64. Forever And Ever
By: Arthur van der Zaag (NL/DK)
Where: Vestre Kirkegård, Det Røde Hav

Vestre Kirkegård is a very special place where nature meets human thoughts about the biggest questions of life.

FOREVER AND EVER refers to the eternally circular movements we see all around us. The cycle of day and night, the ceaseless movement of seasons and planets. In nature, we can observe the very same repeating phases. Trees growing, leaves and branches falling and becoming sustenance for new life in an eternal circle. When someone passes away, we remember them, even though they are no longer with us.

Arthur van der Zaag is a trained lighting designer with a Master’s degree in Lighting Design from AAU in Copenhagen, where he is now an external lecturer.

Arthur van der Zaag participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2023 with Dancing On Water, in 2021 with Car Park Holiday, in 2020 with Take a Look Inside and in 2019 with Windows of Light. This year, you can also experience From Here To Eternity on the Light Festival’s coffee carts in Indre By (downtown Copenhagen).

Concept and idea: Arthur van der Zaag
Programming: Alex Rasmussen

Instagram: @arthurvanderzaag

Thanks to: Områdefornyelse Bavnehøj, Vestre Kirkegård, Antti Heikka, Helle Frøjk Knudsen, Nepheli Poulaki, Simon Klingenberg, Juleministeriet

By: Andrea Lace & Giulio Maffei, Motion Avenue Creative Studio (IT)
Where: Emil Holms Kanal by IT University of Copenhagen

A bench composed of an array of carefully arranged LED tubes, each pulsating with vibrant hues to music composed ad hoc, is casting a mesmerising spell upon the audience.

Motion Avenue Creative Studio operates in the field of video production, with a particular interest in special and unconventional projects. The multidisciplinary nature of the studio’s members is the strength that has allowed them to bring complex installations to life.

Sound: Paolo Dellapiana
Electronics: Vitalie Ciornii

Instagram: motionavenue_it

Thank you: Ørestad Grundejerforeninger & Vandlaug

71. Breathe with Me
By: ITU: Ayushmann Bordoloi, Daniel Warutere Poulsen, Magnus Lund Nielsen, Mia Burrett  
Where: IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7 

Against ITU’s rigid concrete architecture, BREATHE WITH ME quietly defies the harsh lines with its organic, living presence. Emerging from the subterranean depths, this artwork flourishes, seeking attention with its highly sensitive energy. 

BREATHE WITH ME’s switching emotions serve as a reminder of the importance of the environment and our interconnectedness with the earth. With a soft, yet powerful emergence, the work encourages reflection, inviting viewers to acknowledge that our Earth reacts to every action we take.

Mia Burrett (DK) and Daniel Warutere Poulsen (DK/KE) studies BSc in Digital Design and Interactive technologies, Ayushmann Bordoloi (DK/IN) studies BSc in Software Development and Magnus Lund Nielsen (DK) studies MSc in Software Design.

The Copenhagen Light Festival projects at the IT-University of Copenhagen are organised by the members of the student committee “DAK”: Katharina A. I. Schmidt & Nicoline Harton. The production has been facilitated by ITU’s “AIRLab”, where manager Halfdan Hauch Jensen has been supervising all of the projects. This is the first time ITU students are presented in the light festival.

Instagram: @itucph
Instagram: @airlabitu
Instagram: @dditaktivitetskomite

Thank you: Halfdan Jensen, AIRLab, DDIT Aktivitetskomité (DAK)

72. Enchanted Uplift
By: ITU: Kasper Degn Falkensteen, Stela Arranz Gheorghe, Kristiana Stefa, Jee Ho Kim
Where: IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7 

ENCHANTED UPLIFT simulates gentle raindrops falling. 

When a weight sensor connects the strips, rain freezes as individuals step onto the platform. Jumping triggers beams of light ascending at varying speeds and heights, responding to the force of the jump. This interactive experience is designed to uplift spirits during the cold winter days, inspiring a belief in the magic of possibilities.

Kasper Degn Falkensteen (DK), Stela Arranz Gheorghe (ES), Kristiana Stefa (AL), and Jee Ho Kim (KR) are currently pursuing a Master of Science in Data Science at ITU.

The Copenhagen Light Festival projects at the IT University of Copenhagen are organised by the members of the student committee “DAK”: Katharina A. I. Schmidt & Nicoline Harton. The production has been facilitated by ITU’s “AIRLab”, where manager Halfdan Hauch Jensen has been supervising all of the projects. This is the first time ITU students are presented in the light festival.

Instagram: @itucph
Instagram: @airlabitu
Instagram: @dditaktivitetskomite

Thanks to: Halfdan Jensen, AIRLab, DDIT Aktivitetskomité (DAK)

73. Fyr
By: ITU: Celine Bratli Skjerven, Frederik Raisa, Jonas Nielsen, Josefine Carlsen Kroer 
Where: IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7 

Transfer your warmth and energy to FYR, and watch the tree come to life and light up the sky. FYR is our way of connecting nature and technology through an interactive experience, allowing the audience to spread light and warmth in the otherwise long and cold Danish winter.

Celine Bratli Skjerven (NO) and Josefine Carlsen (DK) studies BSc in Digital Design and Interactive technologies, Jonas Nielsen (DK) studies MAc in Digital Design and Interactive technologies and Frederik Raisa (DK) studies BSc in Software Development.

The Copenhagen Light Festival projects at the IT-University of Copenhagen are organised by the members of the student committee “DAK”: Katharina A. I. Schmidt and  Nicoline Harton. The production has been facilitated by ITU’s “AIRLab”, where manager Halfdan Hauch Jensen has been supervising all of the projects. This is the first time ITU students are presented in the light festival.

Instagram: @itucph
Instagram: @airlabitu
Instagram: @dditaktivitetskomite

Thank you: Halfdan Jensen, AIRLab, DDIT Aktivitetskomité (DAK)

74. Unorbit
By: Elisabeth Holager Lund (NO/DK), Christoffer Møller (DK)
Where: DR Koncerthuset, Ørestads Boulevard 13

UNORBIT draws inspiration from Jean Nouvel’s architecture for the concert hall building: A meteor landed in ice. The audiovisual piece imagines the journey of a lonely astronomical object, leaving its known environment, orbit and native solar system, to travel unbelievable distances through space. The migration concluding in our atmosphere, and on the blue planet. A collision, a new synthesis, an unavoidable and interdependent transformation process. The possible end, melting into a new beginning.

Recorded audio by: The Danish National Vocal Ensemble

The audiovisual piece is situated outside DR Koncerthuset. It has a duration of 6 minutes, and will be performed with short breaks between the loops. Open daily 17-22.

Elisabeth Holager Lund is a stage designer and architect. She works on cross-aesthetic projects within the spheres of theatre, performance art, music and exhibition. She also exhibited in collaboration with the artist collective Scenograferne+ at Copenhagen Light Festival in 2023.

Christoffer Møller is a pianist and composer, who graduated from Det Fynske Musikkonservatorium and The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He has worked with symphonic orchestras and smaller ensembles, toured with pop and rock artists and has composed music for both Danish and foreign films.

DR Vokalensemblet is a choir with 18 vocalists, which has won numerous international awards for its clear, expressive sound. The choir is based in DR Koncerthuset, but also performs concerts across the entire country. DR Vokalensemblet can be experienced live as part of Copenhagen Light Festival in Marmorkirken on February 22 and 23.

Read more about the concerts in Marmorkirken:


Thank you: DR Koncerthuset, DR Vokalensemblet, Grundejerforeningen Ørestad Nord, Ørestad Vandlaug, VIGSØ

75. Tunnel vision
By: Tokyo Blue (DK)
Where: Galleriet Underbrogade, Tycho Brahes Allé 2

Most of us have experienced a sense of mental tunnel vision. A state where you become hypnotised by a challenge, a thought or an emotion. Tunnel vision can be a positive thing because it gives you focus, but it can also turn into an obstacle.

With help from kids and young people from Kulturpilot Amager, Tokyo Blue have tackled the concept in a collaborative piece, which examines tunnel vision in a visual, spatial and mental manner.

Tokyo Blue is a group of artists working with light, colour, materials, space and location specific narratives. The art group counts Silla Findstrøm Herbst, Katrin Barrie Larsen and Helle Frøjk Knudsen

Kulturpiloterne is a group of kids and adolescents from the area around the Urban Plan in Amager. The group develops art and culture experiences for their own local area, among other things.

Sound design: Alexander Clerici

Instagram: @tokyoblueartgroup
Instagram: @kulturpilotamager

Thank you: Kulturpilot Amager, Amager Øst Lokaludvalg, Amager Vest Lokaludvalg

By:  Nicolas Paolozzi (FR) 
Where: Byparken, Ørestads Boulevard 64-66 

TETRA has a kind of mysterious presence imposing itself in space. Made of bars of light, each tetrahedron is an individual entity, reflecting the individualism in our societies. And yet the way they are nested, interlinked, reveals a collaborative world.

TETRA circular pattern advocates for sustainability. The movement of lights along the structure makes it seem half machine, half living organism. The installation has a magnetic, almost hypnotic, quality, drawing visitors into a consideration of how we care for our Earth.

Sound design: Baptiste Martineau
Production: Module

Instagram: @moduledigitalart

Thank you: Baptiste Martineau, Module, Ørestad Grundejerforeninger & Vandlaug

77. Celestial Rhythms
By: Those Guys Lighting (LV)
Where: Parkpladsen, Richard Mortensens Vej 14

CELESTIAL RHYTHMS is a kinetic audiovisual installation that combines the beauty of traditional armillary spheres with the dynamic nature of modern technology. Each LED ring represents a celestial circle, such as the equator, ecliptic or celestial meridian.

The visuals of the installation reflect the interconnectedness of the cosmos, reminding visitors of humanity’s place in the vast universe.

Those Guys Lighting is a group of engineers, lighting designers and programmers united by a passion for lighting design. They like to constantly push their limits, and this kinetic light installation is an example of that.


Thank you: Ørestad Grundejerforeninger & Vandlaug

78. For Peace!
By: Sedemminut (SK)
Where: Kalvebod Sti ved Robert Jacobsens Vej

FOR PEACE! is a leisurely walk that subtly turns into a run, but the run has the speed of light. Motto of the artwork: For peace, for freedom, for art!

Especially at this time, the meaning of this installation takes on its essence and reminds us that peace and freedom are not self-evident and we must catch up to them.

The lighting designer Sedemminut expresses his relationship to the art of freedom and peace through the installation FOR PEACE!

Instagram: @sedemminut

Thank you: Ørestad Grundejerforeninger & Vandlaug

79. Light design in Tingbjerg - Extra lighting experience
By: Ullo
Where: Tingbjerg Cultural Center & Library

Light illuminates Tingbjerg: A fusion experience of light and architecture

Tingbjerg Cultural Center & Library is excited to present a captivating light design created by the talented designers from Ullo. This installation will be on display during the Copenhagen Light Festival 2024. Experience the building’s stunning facade transformed into a living artwork. Using laser mapping technology, Ullo creates a subtle yet impressive light design that enhances and enriches the building’s natural beauty. This is more than just a light display; it’s a tribute to Tingbjerg, a magical place where art, culture, and community converge.

Come and be part of this enchanting experience from February 2nd to February 25th. Tune in every day from sunset and see Tingbjerg Cultural Center & Library in a whole new light!

#TingbjergCulturalCenter #Ullo.official #UlloDesign #CopenhagenLightFestival2024 #LightArt





Tour: Light art at Vestre Kirkegård Wednesday 21st 7.30 PM to 8:30 PM
By: Områdefornyelse Bavnehøj
Where: Vestre Kirkegårds Allé 15, 2450 København

Join us for a magical tour of Vestre Cemetery and immerse yourself in the fantastic light art installations ✨ We’ll take you up close to the light while telling you the stories behind the artworks and their site-specific significance.

We offer 2 FREE tours. Register via the Billetto link:

Tour 1 – 7.30 PM to 8 PM

Tour 2 – 8 PM to 8.30 PM


Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis! You will be guided by Jan Fønss, chairman of the Bavnehøj Area Renewal and member of the Bavnehøj art network, and Maria Eichhorn from the Bavnehøj Area Renewal secretariat.

Read more about the Copenhagen Light Festival and the light installations here


We look forward to seeing you for an enchanting evening.


AfterDAC: See light in the dark Thursday 22nd 8 PM to 9.30 PM
By: Danish Architecture Center
Where: Bryghusgade 10, 1473 København

Come to AfterDAC and meet one of the driving forces behind the Copenhagen Light Festival, lighting designer Jesper Kongshaug, and architect Ellen T. O’Gara, owner of the design studio Platant.

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Marmorkirken February 22nd + 23rd 5.30 PM to 8 PM
By: DR Vokalensemblet
Where: Marmorkirken

In celebration of the Copenhagen Light Festival, choral music is framed by modern light design and electronic soundscapes by Christoffer Møller.

As a musical contribution to the festival, DR Vokalensemblet and the young conductor Elena Mitrevska illuminate the beautiful space in the Marble Church with music that explores sunlight, moonlight, starlight, auroras, and the heavenly light of eternity

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Artist Talk with Tokyo Blue Friday 23rd 5PM to 6PM
By: Tokyo Blue
Where: Enghaveparken, Vesterbro

Have you noticed the light installation with the glowing pigeons in Enghaveparken? The installation is called Dueslag (in English pigeon coop) and is part of the Copenhagen Light Festival 2024. Dueslag is created by the art group Tokyo Blue.

On Friday, February 23rd, from 5 pm to 6 pm, Tokyo Blue will come and talk about the artwork together with Fillip Danstrup from Vesterbro Library and Culture House. We will meet in front of the artwork. The event is free and open to all.


About Dueslag:

There are pigeons living in Enghaveparken. Many pigeons. For some, they are friends, for others, they are a curse. Like in the rest of the world, the city pigeon is both loved and hated as it inhabits the city’s parks and squares. However, the pigeon is also a fascinating animal, and its history is closely intertwined with humans over thousands of years. Its navigation skills have made it an important means of communication for us.

we have eaten it, and we have used it as a status symbol. The pigeon is one of the most intelligent birds, capable of recognizing numbers, letters, and faces. With the light installation Dueslag, Tokyo Blue focuses on our dear neighbor and brings us closer to the life that is also part of city life.

Dueslag is supported by Vesterbro Library and Culture House.

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Full Moon Party // Copenhagen Light Festival 2024 Saturday 24th 16 PM to 21 PM
By: Kulturhuset indre by & Kejser
Where: Charlotte Ammundens plads

Under the Copenhagen Light Festival, you can enjoy the thought-provoking work The Right To Choose! We’re ending with a bang on Saturday, February 24th from 4 PM to 9 PM.



6 PM: Bankeråt sells Chili sin carne at the square

6.30 PM: Lantern installation

7.30 PM: Free concert with the band Kejser



KEJSER is a young indie-pop band nominated for the 2024 GAFFA Award for New Danish Act of the Year.

The band debuted with an EP in 2021, which unfortunately may have passed unnoticed by most. The fate must not befall their debut album “Dreams on the Billboard” because it is truly an album that must speak to all listeners who, for example, enjoy Guldimund, Bisse, Blaue Blume, etc., and would like to hear something equally original, distinctive, and defining for its time.

KEJSER has embarked on the album project without knowing or adhering to conventional methods and formulas. They come with a debut album in its pure and indomitable DIY form.

“We started from scratch – without a network, without obvious abilities, and just embarked on the steep learning curve. This album is the sound of the dream of making grandiose pop music when you’re an outsider without any cool friends, no experience, or money,” says the band, led by singer Nicklas Qvist Kristoffersen.




Kulturhuset Indre By is part of the Copenhagen Light Festival 2024!

Bring a friend with you, come out in the dark hours at Charlotte Ammundsens Plads, and experience the thought-provoking light work The Right to Choose! Through the light work, the artist sharply focuses on the negative impact of textile pollution on the climate.


The installation consists of several cotton sheets hanging up to dry as fabrics in colors. On these natural cotton sheets, you can see a video projection showing a river in the new trend color. The textile industry consumes large amounts of water and pollutes the environment.

Water pollution is a major challenge, especially in textile finishing. Toxic tannery sludge and dye residues from the textile industry run unfiltered into rivers in many places, so the new trend color for the upcoming season can already be seen in the color of the rivers.

The consequence is that millions of people do not have clean drinking water and suffer from diseases. For years, slogans like “cheap is cool” and “fast fashion” have determined our buying behavior. Collections change quickly and tempt us with low prices. What contribution are we each willing to make?





Thanks to:
Petra Polli
Copenhagen Light Festival
Sharing Copenhagen
Brixen Culture Water Light Festival
The Italian Cultural Institute
Indre By Local Committee for supporting the full moon party

Singing in the rain - EVENT February 23rd to 25th
By: Kongelys
Where: Brønshøj Vandtårn

On Saturday, the 24th, from 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM there is an extraordinary live concert with Kongelys, performing inside the installation itself. This event requires a ticket, priced at 70 DKK. After the concert, there is free entry for the rest of the evening.

Event Description:
In the magnificent concrete cathedral of Brønshøj Water Tower, crossbeams reach infinitely towards the sky. Projected rain trickles down. A lightning bolt tears through the space. Meanwhile, you wander on a fog cloud of thick smoke that covers the entire room. Here, you must find the light in the darkness on your own. The installation “Singing in the Rain” is an interactive, fabulous installation of which you become a living part. You are led into the room and provided with a lighted umbrella and a UV flashlight.

The darkness could easily swallow you. But it doesn’t. Because the atmosphere is enchanting and magical, and the music in the room is like dreamy, hopeful sounds, composed by the creators of the installation, the artist initiative Kongelys. Your UV flashlight will reveal secret illustrations around the pillars. Images of everything in life that also gives us light, besides what our eyes perceive. Light is also kisses, dances, friendships, selflessness, presence, everyday happiness. It is the light we give each other in the midst of darkness. Because there is always light – if you look.


Artist Profile/Who’s Behind It:

The artist initiative Kongelys collaborates with dramaturge and media scientist Niclas Fruergaard to create “Singing in the Rain” during the Copenhagen Light Festival. Kongelys, consisting of Kasper Nissen and Kim Møbjerg, create audiovisual compositions for reverent spaces, where halls are filled with gentle tones that invite reflective directions, accompanied by special lighting moods that also create a safe framework.

You let your thoughts wander – let the atmosphere embrace you. With a background from DR Sound and the audiowalk “The One Walking Beside You,” Niclas Fruergaard emphasizes the human level in his work, as audiovisual sensory impacts can reach deeply within us. Light and sound have an inherent ability to interact with a special intimacy and depth. It is a movement towards forging a bond of intimacy with its visitors, who are organically invited to co-narrate and imagine internally.



Instagram: @Den_Niclas
Instagram: @Kongelys_Band 


Thanks to:
Foreningen Brønshøj Vandtårn
Brønshøj Husum Lokaludvalg
Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen Brønshøj-Husum
BARE Events and Productions




By: Copenhagen Light Festival
Where: Werkstatt, Refshaleøen

Free Entrance

Come and celebrate the light in the darkness with us at the closing party of the Copenhagen Light Festival. Step into an enchanting world of light and sound, where we present a unique and magical music experience with live performances by Katrine Grarup Elbo, Øynn & Mike Sheridan.

Join us for a free tour and experience the artworks on Refshaleøen and dance into the night when Mari to the future, Boogie Rookie, and Oscar Hugo take over the DJ booth.

We’ll round off the festival in the most festive manner and mark the end of these enchanting weeks with an escapade of sound and light. Let’s toast and enjoy the last rays from the light installations together. We look forward to seeing you all.


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Liquid Relations - Showcase Sunday February 25th 6.30 PM to 8 PM to
By: Kildevæld Kulturcenter
Where: Bellmansgade 5C, 2100 København

The work Liquid Relations at Kildevæld Cultural Center is created based on analog recordings and experiments with water from the lake next to the building.

On February 22nd at 6.30 PM, Kildevæld Cultural Center and Eva Esmann Behrens invite you for a cup of hot cocoa and a storytelling session about the creation of the work.

Eva will take us behind the scenes and provide insight into all the practical aspects, ideas, thoughts, and methods used in its making, revealing what we cannot see when a work comes to life. There will be an opportunity to experience live how the production has taken place – and of course, you can also ask Eva questions.

Doors open from 6:00 PM.


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Jellyfish Is This City - EVENT Feb. 10th + 16th 6PM to 8PM
By: Ungt Lys v. PatiMati
When: February 10th and 16th, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where: Sailing light event in the Copenhagen canals, starting from GoBoat at Islands Brygge


Facebook event for the jellyfish parade
The route for the jellyfish parade

Jellyfish play an important role in marine ecosystems. This exhibition is a tribute to these creatures as they are silently overlooking the canals of Copenhagen. Come to watch them rise above the water as they sail throughout the city.

The parade emphasizes the importance of having jellyfish in the waters of our city. We shall not take them for granted. Regardless of their silence we want to rise them above the water and provide them with a voice.


Get married outdoors - At the light installation PiXLEarth Feb. 16th from 6 PM to 8 PM
By: Københavns Kommune
Where: Knasten, Havnegade 14
Further information

Outdoor Wedding in an Oasis of Light

Get married amidst fascinating and captivating light installations during the Copenhagen Light Festival, which literally illuminates Copenhagen in a fantastic and different light with its numerous and unique light artworks.

The ceremony will take place at the light installation PiXLEarth on ‘Knasten’, by the waterfront at Christian IV’s Bridge: An interactive installation by Frederik Hougs and Claus Boysen that sheds light on the planet’s development over the past decade through visualizations combining historical data with real-time data from WWF.

In case of rain or snow If the weather forecast predicts that the weather will not be suitable for an outdoor event, we will move indoors to Copenhagen City Hall in one of its beautiful halls




LIGHT RUN February 18th at 6 PM
By: DGI Nordsjælland og Copenhagen Light Festival
Where: Ofelia Plads

Take part in the LIGHT RUN during the Copenhagen Light Festival
Sunday 18 February at 18 💡🏃
Run 8 km past 16 of the festival’s impressive light installations or take part in the 3 km Family Run – start 6.30 pm

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Tyst är det rum – Opening concert for Copenhagen Light Festival Feb 2nd
By: Mogens Dahl Kammerkor
Where: Holmens Kirke

Tyst är det rum – Opening concert for Copenhagen Light Festival

Once again this year, Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir hosts the opening concert at the Copenhagen Light Festival on the occasion of Midwinter, February 2, also known as Candlemas after the Latin term for Candle Mass, Missa Candelarum.

Light is also the focal point for the evening’s premiere, “Light, oh light,” by the Swedish composer Per Gunnar Petersson, with lyrics by the Indian Nobel laureate and mystic Tagore.

Tyst är det rum – Opening concert for Copenhagen Light Festival


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MATCHES - Audio artistic work
By: Rødder på Tværs
Where:  Nordre kapel: 18. januar 2024
Dansk Arkitekturcenter: 2. februar 2024


A sound piece for mezzo-soprano and a box of matches

The artist group “Rødder på Tværs” explores the act of striking a match and the effect of creating light in an open acoustic space during the dark winter.

The flame dictates the course of the piece and serves as an indicator of both strength and fragility, which dissipates again. A single match and its light can be seen as a representation of the energy situation we are currently in, where we might eventually run out of matches to strike. At the same time, the piece portrays a mutual control – the flame controls the sound, but it is the human who strikes the match.

MATCHES had its premiere at the Living Light Festival in the darkened museum courtyard at the Roskilde Museum in 2023.

“Rødder på Tværs” is an artist group spanning various artistic disciplines, working in an interdisciplinary field of performance, sound, and visual arts.

Some works are composed music, while others are written actions that result in sketches, sound, and interaction.


Instagram:  roedder_paa_tvaers