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Schedule your visit – Accessibility

Map & App
Each year, a map of the light installations is released in January, up to the festival’s start in February. The festival prepares routes in different lengths, from approx. 2-10 km. In this way, you can find the path between the works that suits you best – via the map and / or the routes.

During the festival you can use the app Copenhagen Light Festival – Within10Minutes. Here you can see where the works are in relation to where you are, read and hear about works and artists, switch routes on and off, or find your own path between the works.

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The festival’s lighting installations are primarily located in Copenhagen’s Inner City.

Find parking zones and info about prices, etc. here: Parking zones in Copenhagen

Electric cars, hydrogen cars and electric motorcycles can park for free at street level on public parking spaces.

Public transport
Many trains, metro and buses take you to the festival in Copenhagen’s Inner City in February, depending on where you come from.

The festival’s works are not located in the same places every year, but always primarily in the Inner City. Therefore, it will typically be an opportunity to get off at metro stations such as: Kongens Nytorv, Gammel Strand, Christianshavns Torv, Nørreport and Rådhuspladsen.

Info about public transportation: busses, trains, metro

If you have a physical handicap
The lighting installations at Copenhagen Light Festival are mostly located in Copenhagen’s public streets and squares, and are therefore generally accessible along ordinary sidewalks, etc. It may happen that light installations are located in places where wheelchairs and the like do not have access, e.g. by steps up or down. We generally aim to place the installations in accessible areas and with visibility from several angles.

The lighting installations at Copenhagen Light Festival are not located in the same places every year.

Motorists with a disabled parking permit can park for free in public car parks in Copenhagen. Apply for a disabled parking permit here.

Toilet facilities
See a map of the public toilets in Copenhagen here:

Free to attend

Do I need to buy a ticket?
Copenhagen Light Festival is free and no ticket must be purchased.


How to avoid fake tickets
Unfortunately, we have experienced fake Facebook pages and profiles offer ticket sales. It is important that you do not accept this and never pass on your credit card information. Copenhagen Light Festival is free and there are no ticket sales.


Green energy
Ørsted is the sponsors of green electricity for the festival. It ensures green wind energy for the overall energy draw during the festival.


Who organize the festival?
The festival is an association founded by Tivoli, Stromma, and Louis Poulsen. With Copenhagen as a backdrop the association seeks to introduce and present light art in interaction with the city’s distinctiveness, darkness and aesthetics.
The daily work on the festival is done by the secretariat who assists the board, collaborates with artists and hosts and supports the curatorial committee in their work with the festival program.
The members of the curatorial committee will change each year and are appointed by the board. The committee allocate the association’s funds to projects, artists and hosts on the basis of an assessment of the festival’s overall expression, the location of the art piece, and interaction with the city and the other art pieces.
What happens with the light installations when the festival is over?
The lighting installations at the festival are typically developed, installed and maintained by the artists behind it, and it is mostly the artists themselves who own the work and therefore those who take the work up and down at the festival, and store it.
Do I need to arrive at a certain timeframe?

The festival’s lighting installations are typically switched on between 17 and 22.00 o’clock (5-10 pm) every night during the festival period, in February.

Some installations have a slightly longer or shorter ignition time. In that case, it will appear in the program on the website and the app.

Should I begin a certain place?
The festival does not have a fixed starting point. Depending on each year’s festival, the works and their location will vary and hence there will typically be one or more natural starting points.
Can I experience the Festival from my car?
The festival is generally best experienced by foot or bicycle.

Several of the works are located in squares and the like, where there is no access for cars. That said, you can of course drive around and have a glance at the installations. We recommend that you take a trip by foot, bike or the like.

Can I buy Copenhagen Light Festival merchandise?
We do not sell merchandise – yet.
Who do I contact if I observe damage or the like of a light installation?
It can happen that a work suddenly goes out, for various reasons. The works stand outside for a relatively long period (3 weeks), in a typically very cold month. It places special demands on the technique behind a lighting installation, and it can happen that the power goes off for a period of time.

It rarely happens that a wire or the like is destroyed. If you see a case like this you are welcome to write to or call +45 25556604.

The artists, hosts and the festival itself constantly keep an eye on the works, and that everything is as it should be.