The association
Copenhagen Light Festival

The festival is a non-profit association founded by Tivoli, Stromma, and Louis Poulsen / D Studio Copenhagen. With Copenhagen as a backdrop the association seeks to introduce and present light art in interaction with the city’s distinctiveness, darkness and aesthetics.

The daily work on the festival is done by the secretariat who assists the board, collaborates with artists and hosts and supports the curatorial committee in their work with the festival program.

The members of the curatorial committee are appointed by the board and have backgrounds within light art, lighting design, architectural lighting, light events and art history. The committee allocates the association’s funds to projects, artists and hosts on the basis of an assessment of the festival’s overall expression, the location of the art piece, and interaction with the city and the other art pieces.

Copenhagen Light Festival February 2020

The Board

Jesper Kongshaug.
Lighting designer Tivoli.

Mads Vestergaard Olesen.
Vice chairman
Adm. dir. / CEO hos Stromma Denmark A/S.

Annette Juhl
Board member, cashier
Former deputy director Tivoli

Kasper Hammer
Board member
Director, Product & Design ‑  Architectural & Outdoor, Louis Poulsen

Pia Allerslev
Board member
Former Mayor of culture, Copenhagen municipality

Anders Kongshaug
Board member
Director, vnr.TV…be seen more

Jacob Helenius
Board member
Design director, Tivoli

Curatorial Committee

Jesper Ravn
Member of Curatorial Committee
Lighting designer, Associate IALD

Jesper Kongshaug.
Member of Curatorial Committee
Lighting designer, Tivoli

Vivian Nagy
Member of Curatorial committee
MA Art History + Media Science 

Founding partners