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WHO: Anna Rosa Hiort-Lorenzen (DK)

WHERE: Vestre Kirkegård, entrance from Sjælør Boulevard

Here on Earth, we coexist with creatures who are most likely experiencing the world in very different ways than we do. Insects can see more light frequencies than us since they are capable of perceiving ultraviolet wavelengths. This means that they see colours that we cannot. In daylight, this piece is an installation with branches, leaves, seed pods, fungal hyphae and roots, but when darkness falls, the sculptures light up in ultraviolet hues. The installation illustrates the way we humans observe the natural world around us in daylight, as well as how insects see things at night. All plant life in this installation stems from Vestre Kirkegård.

As a textile and light designer, Anna Rosa Hiort-Lorenzen has developed her own field in which she works with changes in light and darkness and the intersection between kong the two. She draws her inspiration from Estonian biologist Jakob von Uexkull’s concept of Umwelt and his thoughts about how living creatures with different species specific, spatial, temporal and subjective reference frames experience their surroundings.mer oplever deres omgivelser.

Instagram: rosa.deer

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Bavnehøj Områdefornyelse


WHO: Those Guys Lighting (LV)

WHERE: Vestre Kirkegård, entrance from Sjælør Boulevard

Vestre Kirkegård is the largest cemetery in Denmark, and home to a wide variety of burial sites. You will find Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Faeroese, Greenlandic and several other areas here. This light installation represents the setting sun, a metaphor for death, or the rising sun and new beginnings.

Those Guys Lighting are a group of young light designers and engineers from Riga, Latvia, who previously participated in Copenhagen Light Festival in 2022 with their interactive installation “On the Wave of Light” along Sydbanestien in Sydhavnen.

Instagram: thoseguys.lighting

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Bavnehøj Områdefornyelse


BY: Scenograferne+ (DK)

WHERE: Vestre Kirkegård, entrance from Bavnehøj Allé

This piece represents the greetings we send and receive through our words, thoughts and actions. The things we share with loved ones, who are no longer physically among us. In daylight, the letters blend into the vegetation and activities in the cemetery, while at night, they are illuminated by UV light and become clearly defined shapes in the dark, hovering freely between one dimension and the next.

The artist group Scenograferne+ consists of stage designer and video designer Signe Krogh, costume designer Maria Gyllenhoff and stage designer and architect Elisabeth Holager Lund. They are all part of the design studio collective Scenograferne, which comprises 13 stage designers, costume designers, sound designers and architects working with staged spaces such as theatrical stages, architecture, nature and the public space.

Instagram: scenograferne

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Bavnehøj Områdefornyelse


BY: Tokyo Blue (DK)

WHERE: Vestre Kirkegård, entrance from Bavnehøj Allé

Søndre Kapel is a chapel that has been left unchanged through the ages. This sculpture shows us how the sunlight moves throughout the year. The hanging discs represent the oval sunbeams that illuminate the inner walls of the chapel at different times of the year. Time collapses inside Søndre Kapel.

Tokyo Blue consists of Helle Frøjk Knudsen, Katrin Barrie Larsen, Silla Findstrøm Herbst and Astrid Espenhain. Their installations are often based on existing spaces and architecture in which light and colour are intertwined with the multitude of stories, associations or historical layers associated with the places themselves.

At this year’s Copenhagen Light Festival, Tokyo Blue transform Lille Langebro with their installation “Water Walk”, just like they did in 2022 with “JAM” as well as in 2021 with “The grass is always greener…”.

Instagram: tokyoblueartgroup

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Bavnehøj Områdefornyelse


BY: C999 (IT)

WHERE: Danish Architecture Centre, Bryghusgade 10 (video screen level -2)

TIME: 18:00-22:00

‘Vulnus’ is Latin for ‘wound,’ and it is etymologically related to the word ‘vulnerable’. This video piece is transformed and adapted to the locations in which it is being presented.

C999 is an anonymous multimedia artist, who uses their works to deconstruct the digital connections and networks that we have become dependent on – more or less voluntarily. VULNUS has been shown previously during events such as the LUMA Projection Arts Festival in Binghamton, New York, and the Primarolia Festival in Athens, Greece.

Instagram: c999vulnus

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Danish Architecture Centre

6. hook-Up

BY: Igor Halicki (PL)

WHERE: Danish Architecture Centre, Bryghusgade 10 (video screen street level)

TIME: 18:00-22:00

hook-Up is a series of visualisations, each of which representing a continent. They have been generated based on data, which details how many people have constant access to electricity on each continent.

Igor Halicki is a trained lighting designer, who is based in Copenhagen. He often works with interactive and code-based visualisations for the performing arts scene, and he is fascinated by the constantly changing opportunities found in generative graphics.

Instagram: igor_halicki

Thanks to
Danish Architecture Centre


BY: Niels Bonde (DK)

WHERE: Danish Architecture Centre, Bryghusgade 10 (video screen in the reception area of Danish Architecture Centre, level -2)

TIME: 18:00-22:00

Digital images consist of individual pixels with fixed positions and changing colours. The interrelation between colours is connected with the original images that the pixelated images have been encoded from. The way the brain perceives these relationships and translates them into objects, people and stories can seem like magic. Algorithms are also capable of identifying people by comparing relatively few pixels against online portrait databases.

Through his work, Niels Bonde examines the meaning of digital media in our culture and the effect it has on us. According to him, his art is about control, surveillance, voyeurism, exhibitionism and paranoia.

The works of Niels Bonde have been exhibited at SMK (The National Gallery of Denmark), Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and MoMA PS1 in New York City.

Instagram: niels.bonde

Thanks to
Danish Architecture Centre


BY: CLF, Båll & Brand, Arkitekturhovedstad 2023

WHERE: Copenhagen City Hall + 11 other landmarks

The WHITE BEAMS project was developed in collaboration between Copenhagen Light Festival and Arkitekturhovedstad 2023 and built by Båll & Brand.

Copenhagen has officially been appointed as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023 by the Director-General of UNESCO. The light piece WHITE BEAMS was created specifically in celebration of this great honour for the city, and it was lit up for the first time on January 17, the opening day of the World Capital of Architecture. This installation consists of 11 white beams of light, emanating from the tower of Copenhagen City Hall and beaming toward every district of Copenhagen.

In collaboration with chief city architect Camilla van Deurs, Copenhagen Light Festival has selected 11 different landmarks, which symbolize their respective districts. The selected landmarks are B&W-Hallerne on Refshaleøen and Tivoli in the city center, DR Koncerthuset in East Amager, Amager Bakke in West Amager, Adventskirken in Vanløse, Brønshøj Vandtårn in Brønshøj-Husum, Grundtvigskirken in Bispebjerg, Nordbro in Nørrebro, Tunnelfabrikken in Østerbro-Nordhavn and Verbena Hus Tårnet in Valby.

Instagram: arkitekturhovedstad
Instagram: bllbrnd

Thanks to
Arkitekturhovedstad 2023
Copenhagen City Hall
Chief city architect Camilla van Deurs


BY: Marie Nørgaard Nielsen (DK)

Havnegade 54

Clothes are usually fashioned with two sides: a front and a back. These creatures have three sides. They appear to be performing a ritual, but their powers remain shrouded in mystery.

Marie Nørgaard Nielsen is a Danish textile artist, who has previously participated in Copenhagen Light Festival with her installation “Oraklet” (The Oracle) in 2022, which was also part of the Light Art Grindelwald festival in the Swiss Alps later that year.


Instagram: marienoergaardnielsen

Thanks to
The Danish Arts Foundation
Jes Hermann Saatterup
Erik Larsen & Søn


BY: Mani Nikdel (IR/DK)

WHERE: Havnegade 37

Truth and lies can be hidden at the center of this endless hypercube, but as the Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann demonstrated in 1936, one thing is a solid fact: The core of the Earth.

Mani Nikdel is an Iranian designer and artist, who lives in Aarhus, Denmark. In 2022 he created the sound and light installation “Transcendence”, which was part of the Copenhagen Light Festival program on Refshaleøen.


Instagram: maninikdelstudio

Thanks to
Martin Professional Lighting


BY: Theaterpixels by Frederik D. Hougs and Claus Boysen (DK)

Knasten, Havnegade 14

This installation reacts dynamically to live information from the Danish Meteorological Institute about the wind conditions in Copenhagen.

Frederik Dahl Hougs is a trained lighting designer, who has worked in places such as the Royal Danish Opera House. Claus Boysen is a trained graphonomist, who works with lighting design for the theatre, musicals and concerts. Together they created Theaterpixels, a company that creates pixel mapping, controllers and custom-designed electronics for theatre use, among other things.

Lighting designer: Frederik D. Hougs
Graphic designer: Claus Boysen




BY: Maj D (DK)

WHERE: Nyhavn 71

You are allowed to go inside.

Plastic is dirt cheap. But it breaks easily and is a costly affair for the climate.

This sculpture is coated in recycled plastic in blue hues, which has been collected by the citizens of Odsherred, Denmark, in cooperation with the municipal recycling stations. It was created in collaboration with 25 volunteers from 16 countries across 4 continents. 

You are very welcome to share your photos via #blueearth_project

Maj D participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with her sculpture “A DOZEN SUN”, which utilized recycled plastics in a similar way to create the image of a sun. With “A DOZEN SUN”, Maj D focused on the role of fire in climate changes, but this year her focus shifts to water. Once again, plastic is the core material.

Artist talk with Maj D & Jesper Kongshaug, 21 February

Instagram: maj_d_art

Thanks to
Vink Plast / Greencast
71 Hotel Nyhavn


BY:  Hans E. Madsen (DK)

Asiatisk Plads, underneath Knippelsbro bridge

Living images of light are created here. Lamps never see their own shadows. 

Hans E. Madsen is a Danish artist, who has created location specific light installations in public spaces, gallery windows and storefronts since 1995.

Hans E. Madsen participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with his installation “Comms” and in 2021 with the installation “Pressure”, both of which were created in collaboration with Frederik D. Hougs. He also took part in the festival in 2020 with a sculpture called “BÅD” (BOAT) and in 2019 with the installation “A Light Garden”, both of which were located at Knasten in Havnegade.

Instagram: hansemadsen

Thanks to
The Danish Arts Foundation
The Danish Art Workshops


BY: Markus Anders (AT)

WHERE: Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 28, at the docks

Something must have washed up on the docks.

Markus Anders is an Austrian artist, who uses his light pieces to make us see the world with new eyes and breathe new life into positive visions about the society that we create together. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival in 2022 with the piece
“Neutrino”, created in collaboration with Circus Lumineszenz.


Instagram: markusandersart

Thanks to
Leo Bettinelli 


BY: Arthur van der Zaag (NL/DK)

Frederiksholms Kanal, between Stormbroen and Marmorbroen

Two lights move in the water. Two become one, but it takes two to tango on the fragile surface of the water. 

This year, Arthur van der Zaag is also participating with the pop-up event “Riff Raff Ref” at Refshaleøen on February 4, 10 and 25 at 18:00-22:00.

Arthur van der Zaag is an artist and a lighting and sound designer. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2021 with the installation “Car Park Holiday”, in 2020 with the installation “Take a Look Inside” and in 2019 with the installation “Windows of Light”.

Idea and design: Arthur van der Zaag Programming: Mathias Hersland.


Instagram: arthurvanderzaag

Thanks to
Antti Heikka
Nepheli Poulaki
Ole Bülow (Vigsø)
August van der Zaag


BY: Tokyo Blue (DK)

WHERE: Lille Langebro

The permanent lighting at Lille Langebro is transformed using analogue colour filters. The sea, which is underneath the bridge, can now also be found on dry land atop the bridge.

Tokyo Blue consists of Helle Frøjk Knudsen, Katrin Barrie Larsen, Silla Findstrøm Herbst and Astrid Espenhain. Their installations are often based on existing spaces and architecture, in which light and colour are intertwined with the stories, associations or historical layers of the places themselves.

Tokyo Blue are also participating in Copenhagen Light Festival with the piece “Time & Place” at Vestre Kirkegård.

Prior to this, they transformed Lille Langebro for Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with “JAM” and in 2021 with “The grass is always greener…”.


Instagram: tokyoblueartgroup 



WHERE: Kongens Nytorv

A celebration of the winged denizens of the city. As you move around this sculpture, your will discover a moiré pattern in the wings of the birds.

LUX consists of Simon Chevalier and Lucile Cassassolles – based near Lyon, France – who create light sculptures together, often defined by the use of straight lines. LUX participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with the sculptures “SOLEILS” and in 2021 with the sculpture “L’ETOILE”. LUX were awarded the prestigious LE FRENCH DESIGN 100 AWARD in 2022. This award honours French designers who gain international attention.

Instagram: lux.artworks

Thanks to
Institut Français du Danemark


BY: Studio Vertigo (UK)

WHERE: Højbro Plads

As this sculpture slowly rotates, it transforms the public space in both a visual and social sense. It calls for a sense of unity and love – feelings you might have encountered in a night club.

Studio Vertigo is a multi-disciplinary design studio led by artists Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby. Based in Newcastle, England, they specialize in light installations and sculptures.

Studio Vertigo participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2021 with the sculpture “Nova” at Sundby Cemetery and the installation “Ghost” on Højbro Plads.

Instagram: studio_vertigo


BY: Mads Vegas (DK)


The underside of a bridge is often shrouded in darkness. The first bridge between Slotsholmen and Christianshavn was built in the beginning of the 17th century. “Knips” – a wordplay on the name of the bridge – means “snap”. The light turns on with a snap, but everything untouched by its radiance remains a secret.

Mads Vegas is a lighting designer and artist. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with the light piece “EOS/NYX”, which illuminated Knippelsbro and Langebro, and the light installation “DON’T BE BLUE”, in 2021 with the work “KAOS/EROS/RO” and the installation “WAUWW – WHAT AN UNUSUALLY WONDERFUL WAVE”, in 2020 with the installation “AURORA SKY” as well as the installation “LIKE A BRIDGE UNDER BUBBLED WATER”, in 2019 with the installation “Labyrinth of Light” and in 2018 with the installation “ETERNAL SUNDOWN”, which travelled on to other places later, such as the Battersea Light Festival in London.

This year, Mads Vegas is also participating with his installation “Celestial Garments” in collaboration with music duo Anger, as well as his sculpture “Candela Portal”.

Instagram: madsvegaslighting


BY: Disneyland Paris

This interactive light projection is an experience for people of all ages. You can upload an image for a chance of becoming a part of the iconic Disney castle.

There will be a dancing performance between 17:00 and 20:00.

Participate in this art piece, and learn more at


Thanks to
Broens Gadekøkken
Nordatlantens Brygge

21. ECHO

BY: Julien Menzel (FR/DE)

Broens Gadekøkken, Strandgade 95 by the docks

In Greek mythology, the mountain nymph Echo was eternally cursed so that she could only repeat words spoken to her by others. Echo then fell in love with the beautiful young man Narcissus, but since it was so hard for them to communicate, her love was destined for tragedy. Narcissus ended up falling for his own mirror image instead. This is why the auditive phenomenon of the echo and the visual phenomenon of the mirror image are tragically linked in Greek mythology.

Julien Menzel is an architect and artist from Lyon, France. He often works with light and pixels. He is participating in Copenhagen Light Festival 2023 with two sculptures. The second sculpture, “Platonic”, is placed at Refshalevej 167A. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with his sculpture “Phénix”.


Instagram: mrzl_art

Thanks to
Broens Gadekøkken


BY: Alessandro Lupi (IT)

WHERE: Nybrogade 26, above the canal

The installation works without utilizing energy from burning fossil fuels. The opposite goes for the reality reflected in the many small mirrors. Can fragments be put back together?

Alessandro Lupi is Berlin-based artist born in Genoa. He builds upon a conceptual approach to light and cognitive processes, exploring the different ways in which we experience reality. His works are often location specific, utilizing the spatiality of places such as museums and public areas.

Instagram: alessandro.lupi.art


BY: Tine Bek (DK)

Christiansborg Ridebane 10

The Court Theatre is currently undergoing a comprehensive, careful restoration of its historical wooden interiors from the 1730s. The work is particularly focused on the original ceiling above the Court Theatre and the entire southern wing, which was built from Pomeranian pine.
“Tree Dance” consists of meditative scenes shot among the crooked pines of Troldeskoven in Asserbo Plantage, as well as recordings from the attic of the Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre. This video piece gives a nod to the restoration process and examines our relationship with storytelling, constructed landscapes, buildings, and materials. The twisting branches of the trees become an image of time frozen within the tree trunks.

This work was created by photo artist Tine Bek in dialog with the Court Theatre. Tine Bek works with installations, sculptures, video and photography, among other things.

Video artists: Tine Bek & Troels Rasmus Jensen

Instagram: tinebek 

Thanks to
The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre


BY: Michaël Verlinden (BE)

WHERE: Bernstorffsgade 1B

The light projection is interactive.

Digital worlds become material, while human movement becomes digitized.

Michaël Verlinden is a graphical designer based in Brussels, Belgium. He often works with interactive design. He is the driving force behind the design company Vision Nocturne.

Instagram: visionnocturne.be

Thanks to
Wallonie-Bruxelles-International (


BY: Arash Nourinejad / Anour (DK)

GoBoat, Islands Brygge 10

Can be experienced from the harbour entrance and from Langebro.

A tribute to Islands Brygge and Langebro. The Arch summarizes the 10-year anniversary of Anour with 10 new versions of the I model, which is hanging at the GoBoat club house. The rhythmical space between the lamps can be experienced as a process in relation to the arches under the bridge of Langebro. The pulsating light is alive and playful throughout the night, mirroring life in the city.

Anour, founded by Arash Nourinejad, is a modern Danish lighting company that focuses on excellent craftsmanship and durable, minimalistic solutions.

Instagram: anourcph

Thanks to


BY: Cédric Marquis (FR/DK)

WHERE: Refshalevej 167A, inside Werkstatt 167

‘Mirage’ is originally a French word, referring to the optical phenomenon that can be observed on the horizon under special weather conditions. When you see something on the horizon, even though there is nothing actually there, it can seem both real and unreal at the same time. Hope can also seem real, even though what you are hoping for has yet to become reality.

Cédric Marquis is a French artist based in Copenhagen.

Instagram: cedricmarquis

Thanks to
Reffen – Werkstatt 167


BY: Julien Menzel (FR)

WHERE: Refshalevej 167A

A tetrahedron is a shape with four triangular sides. If the four triangles are equilateral, as is the case here, the shape becomes one of the five Platonic solids. The antique Greek philosopher Plato associated the five Platonic solids with the four classical elements and the divine element. He affiliated the tetrahedron with fire, perhaps because it has the most pointed shape and could therefore be considered the most dangerous of the five Platonic elements.

Julien Menzel is an architect and artist from Lyon, France. He often works with light and pixels. He is participating in Copenhagen Light Festival 2023 with two sculptures. The other sculpture, “ECHO”, is placed at Strandgade 95 by Broens Skøjtebane. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with his sculpture “Phénix”.

Julien Menzel participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with his sculpture “Phénix”.


Instagram: mrzl_art

Thanks to
Reffen – Werkstatt 167


BY: Mads Vegas (DK) & ANGER (IT)

WHERE: Refshalevej 171, the foot bridge by CPH Village

Celestial Garments is a collaboration between South Tyrolean musicians Julian Angerer and Nora Pider and the Danish light artist Mads Vegas. Together, they fabulate about all the celestial light phenomena.

Another version of this piece comes into being in May, where a bridge in the South Tyrolean city of Brixen will be staged by the same artists as part of the Brixen Water Light Festival. This festival in Brixen has collaborated with Copenhagen Light Festival since 2022 through a mutual exchange of light pieces and ideas.

Nora Pider and Julian Angerer participated in Copenhagen Light Festival in 2022 with their piece “Unterwassertage”. Mads Vegas has been a part of Copenhagen Light Festival every year since its inception in 2018 with a long series of location specific light pieces, staged at places such as Kalvebod Bølge, Stormbroen and Langebro.

This year, Mads Vegas is also participating with his light piece “Knips” as well as his sculpture “Candela Portal”.

Instagram: madsvegaslighting
Instagram: weareanger

Thanks to
Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S
Brixen Water Light Festival


BY: Calidos (ES)

WHERE: Refshalevej 141, by La Banchina

Dreamcatchers originate from the Indigenous peoples of North America. In Ojibwe – a native North American language – they are known as ‘asabikeshiinh’, meaning ‘spider’.

Calidos is a creative studio in Barcelona, which has existed since 1995. Their work involves creating large-scale light installations for light and music festivals across all of Europe.

Instagram: calidos360

Thanks to
Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S


BY: Gertjan Adema (NL)

WHERE: Refshalevej 154, in the urban farm Øens Have

The sculpture is inspired by a type of spinning top that produces humming noises when spinning. The audio feature consists of sounds from these spinning tops combined with sounds of vibrating and breaking glass.

Gertjan Adema works in a multi-disciplinary way with light, soundscapes and kinetic installations, and he is also a performing musician.

Instragram: gertjanadema

Thanks to
Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S


BY: Danai Lytra (GR/SWE)

WHERE: Robert Jacobsens Vej 88, Ørestad

The hanging shapes and semi-transparent material of the fishnets are explored through coloured lights. These artificial fishnets have been strung out across an artificial lake. The nature reserve behind the nets, Kalvebod Fælled, is a habitat for protected species, but was also partially artificially constructed.

Danai Lytra is a Stockholm-based architect and lighting designer from Greece. She graduated from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and has a background in stage design and performing arts.

Instagram: Keramikaki

Thanks to
Ørestads grundejerforeninger
Ørestads Vandlaug
Stockholm Lighting

33. LYS 126

BY: TATI Studio x Grace Chan (HK)

WHERE: Kay Fiskers Plads, Ørestad

The installation is inspired by the idea of the combined strength of individual people. The shape of the installation gives the onlooker an opportunity to take part in this strength, and motion sensors allow the collective to react accordingly.

TATI Studio x Grace Chan is a Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary architectural studio, which seeks to create better conditions for human relations through its designs.

Instagram: Lys 126_copenhagen & tati.architects

Thanks to
Ørestads grundejerforeninger
Ørestads Vandlaug


Af: Lennowski (IT)

Hvor: Byparken, Ørestads Boulevard 66

‘Incanto’ is Italian for a magical, mystical or unexpected event. Dream images appear as abstract visual arts become three-dimensional in the landscape.

Lennowski is a Tuscany-based visual artist. In his light installations, he combines digital techniques with visual expressions from abstract painting.


Thanks to
Ørestads grundejerforeninger
Ørestads Vandlaug


BY: Mads Vegas (DK)

WHERE: Byfælleden, Ørestad

This piece is reconfigured into a new version whenever it is set up. The ring has been decorated for the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the fall equinox, the winter solstice – and now for Candlemas. Each time, seasonal flowers, berries, fruits and vegetation have been added onto the existing ones. In this manner, the piece changes along with the seasons and gains ever increasing power as a portal for the coming season. Candlemas is an ancient Christian holiday in February, its name meaning ‘the mass of candles’.

Mads Vegas is a light designer and artist. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 with the light piece “EOS/NYX”, which illuminated Knippelsbro and Langebro, and the light installation “DON’T BE BLUE”, in 2021 with the work “KAOS/EROS/RO” and the installation “WAUWW – WHAT AN UNUSUALLY WONDERFUL WAVE”, in 2020 with the installation “AURORA SKY” as well as the installation “LIKE A BRIDGE UNDER BUBBLED WATER”, in 2019 with the installation “Labyrinth of Light” and in 2018 with the installation “ETERNAL SUNDOWN”, which travelled on to other places later, such as the Battersea Light Festival in London.

This year, Mads Vegas is also participating with his installation “Celestial Garments” in collaboration with music duo Anger, and his light piece “Knips”.

Instagram: madsvegaslighting

Thanks to
Ørestads grundejerforeninger
Ørestads Vandlaug

36. WHAT IF?

BY: Mariliis Kundla (EST/DK) and Katrin Kivisikk (EST)

WHERE: Remiseparken, entrance from Remisevej

The walking trail through Remiseparken is transformed by coloured light and patterns that move and invite you all to play.

Mariliis Kundla and Katrin Kivisikk are both lighting designers from Estonia. Mariliis Kundla graduated from Aalborg University and is the co-founder of the lighting design studio Spectra & Space, which is based in Copenhagen. Mariliis also co-created the multisensory light installation “Solaris”, which was exhibited at Reffen during Copenhagen Light Festival 2020. Katrin Kivisikk works as a lighting designer and has been part of the team behind the Estonian light festival Tartu Valgus.

Instagram: mariliiskundla & kivisikk

Thanks to
Sundby Områdefornyelse


BY: Jan Kuck (DE)

WHERE: H. C. Andersens Boulevard 22, H.C. Andersen Slottet

The installation consists of a glowing carpet, which can be seen as a comment on the conditions behind the global textile production industry and its trading relationships in both a historical and contemporary context. It also deals with the connection to the development of women’s rights. Weaving and textile work has historically been carried out mainly by women, while men have benefitted from it. In the present, women are suffering under harsh working conditions, while international textile companies, usually led by men, reap the rewards. On the one hand, this piece is a critique of patriarchal power structures, and on the other, it is a tribute to the strength of women.

Jan Kuck is a Berlin-based artist. His conceptual art is characterised by his varied use of light. “ARACHNE” was exhibited as part of the Venice Biennale in 2016.

Instagram: jan.kuck.art

Thanks to



WHERE: Strandgade 91, by Nordatlantens Brygge

A stormy sea crashes across the quay. Solidarity can overcome powerlessness in the fight against the threat of flooding.

SIIKU – named after the Greenlandic name for ice – is a Danish/Greenlandic artist group consisting of Rasmus Nielsen (born 1984 in Lyngby, Denmark) and David H. Péronard (born 1981 in Nuuk, Greenland). The works of SIIKU have been created based on the ideas put forth in the SIIKU Manifest.

SIIKU has previously participated Copenhagen Light Festival with the pieces “Communicator” (2022), “CONEXUS” (2020) and “INUIT NUTAAT” (2019).

The installation is exhibited at Copenhagen Light Festival, and it is simultaneously a part of the Nordatlantens Brygge art programme.


Instagram: siikustudio

Thanks to
Nordatlantens Brygge
Statens Kunstfond
Christianshavn Lokaludvalg

40. IMPRINT 1-5

BY: Hubert Kurkiewicz (PL/DK) & Cong Liu (DK)

WHERE: Islands Brygge 33-29 (by the waterside)

Five unique animations are projected onto the faces of an existing concrete sculpture in Havneparken. These animations were created using different techniques, ranging from hand-drawn illustrations to 3D animated graphics. 

Hubert Kurkiewicz is a multimedia artist from Poland. He is preoccupied with themes such as the interpretation of ideas produced by our subconscious minds. Cong Liu teaches product development at KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology), where he has facilitated and guided many projects created by KEA students for Copenhagen Light Festival since 2020. 

Instagram: kin.cong & sporo.wody


BY: Jakob Fälling, Bobby Salomon Hess & Ole Samsøe (DK)

WHERE: Church of the Holy Spirit (Helligaandskirken)

The work can be seen on the gable of Helligaandskirken.

Sound artist Bobby Salomon Hess and artist Jakob Fälling examine the Danish relationship with prayer. This audio-visual piece deals with subjects like with Muslim prayer rituals, meditations on death and quiet evening prayers using quirky animations, naive drawings and beautiful voices.

Lighting and artwork design: Ole Samsøe.


Instagram: jakob.falling & bobby.hess



BY: Copenhagen Light Festival

WHERE: Glyptoteket

WHEN: January 26 (18:00-21:00), February 2, 9, 16, 23 (17:00-21:00)

Before and during Copenhagen Light Festival 2023, you can experience the dome of Glyptoteket as an almighty sun for the newly opened special exhibition Amarna – City of the Sun God. The sun beams over the winter garden of the museum on five Thursdays in January and February.

You can read more about the exhibition here: 

The light installation concept is specially developed for Glyptoteket by Jesper Kongshaug, the internationally renowned lighting designer and lighting master of Tivoli, and implemented by Senja Ruohonen. It is presented in collaboration with Copenhagen Light Festival 2023.


Instagram: glyptoteket


WHO: Karen T

WHERE: Brønshøj Vandtårn

WHEN: February 19 at 19:00-21:00

The performance takes place between 19:00-21:00 with breaks along the way.

As Karen T paints on a light table, her paintings are projected unto the building walls live. The experience is a hybrid between visual arts, film and performance. The sequence of images, characters and symbols tell stories of life or death and finding the way to your home port – the self.

Karen T is a Danish visual artist. She has worked with performance painting for the last seven years, and she is still exploring ways of expression. She also creates paintings and sculptures.

Karen T participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2021 with another performance painting called “Solhesten”.

The performance could previously be experienced during the festival at Nybrogade 28 (7 feb) and Harsdorffs Hus (14 feb).

More info on the FB-event by Brønshøj Vandtårn

Instagram: karent.dk

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Nybrogade 28
Foreningen Brønshøj Vandtårn


BY:  Copenhagen Lighting Studio / Arthur van der Zaag (NL/DK)

WHERE: Refshalevej 173 (in the green area)

WHEN: February 4, 10, 25, all days from 18:00-22:00

Riff Raff Ref is a unique lighting event in the intersection between lighting design and performance. Lighting designer Arthur van der Zaag stages an abandoned area at Refshaleøen with light and new installations. The area can be explored freely – but beware of the Light Creatures moving in the dark. These glowing objects have taken strange and proud human forms. While hard to miss, they are difficult to capture on camera.

Arthur van der Zaag also participates at this year’s light festival with the light installation, “Dancing on Water”.

Arthur van der Zaag is an artist and a lighting and sound designer. He participated in Copenhagen Light Festival 2021 with the installation “Car Park Holiday”, in 2020 with the installation “Take a Look Inside” and in 2019 with the installation “Windows of Light”.

Idea and concept: Arthur van der Zaag
Performers: Olga Randløv-Decitre, Arthur Zahle
Costumes: Rose Waade
Light Crew: Antti Heika, Daniel Thiesen, Doga Gurle, Zoltán Tasnádi
Graphics: Nepheli Poulaki

Instagram: arthurvanderzaag

Thanks to
Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S


BY:  Mogens Dahl Kammerkor

WHERE: Holmens Kirke

WHEN: February 3. 20:00-21:30

Mogens Dahl Kammerkor has created a programme, in which pure choral movements are combined with poem recitations by Jacob Holtze. The chorus is accompanied by Jacob Lorentzen on the organ in one of the pieces, while in another, they sing along with mouth harpist Mathias Heise in the first performance of one of his own pieces.

Light obviously takes centre stage in several of the a cappella pieces: Edward Elgar’s ”Lux Aeterna” (Eternal Light) and Ingemann’s and Weyse’s ”Lysets engel går med glans”.

The light is more implied in other movements, such as the ones by late Romantic English composer Charles Stanford and contemporary Swedish composer Sven-David Sandström. The light of eternal hope is represented by Spanish Renaissance composer Cristobal de Morales, while a more promiscuous spring sensation is felt in three motets by Italian composer Monteverdi, who was a bit younger than Morales.

Copenhagen Light Festival stages the concert with lighting.

Tickets and more info here:


WHERE: Starts at Bryghuspladsen

WHEN: NB NEW DATE February 24, at 18:30-21:00

Put some lights on your running gear and join us in the Copenhagen winter darkness on February 17 at 18:30, when we and the Danish Athletics Federation start the DAC Architecture Run – Copenhagen Light Festival at Bryghuspladsen. We will run or walk the approximately 8 km long route past many of the light pieces from the festival. There is no timer, and you can experience all the light art and lighting along the route at your own pace.

When you collect your starting number, you will receive a battery-powered LED light chain that you can wear during the run. You will become part of a living light piece celebrating the nocturnal darkness of Copenhagen.

You can sign up for the night run and find more info here: dac.dk 


WHERE: Linnésgade 25

WHEN: 21. Feb, 16:30

I’m delighted to invite you to participate in a dialogue with Jesper Garde Kongshaug and me about my largest art project to date, BLUE EARTH.

Jesper Kongshaug is one of the pioneers and Head of the board of the Copenhagen Light Festival and one of Denmark’s most distinguished light designers.

The talk will be held in either English or Danish depending on the audience. We’ll start at the social community, Klub from 16.30 to 17.30, with a small video about the creation of Blue Earth, followed by a dialogue with the audience.

After the talk, it’s possible to join a 20 min. walk to Nyhavn 71 where Blue Earth will be exhibited throughout the festival. Furthermore, it’ll be possible to join the dinner at the restaurant right next to BLUE EARTH, IL Rosmarino.

The talk & walk is free. Dinner at the restaurant is paid directly to the restaurant.

We hope to see as many as possible for an exciting evening in the name of art, politics, and lively debate.

ARTIST TALK: Maj D & Jesper Kongshaug | Facebook


WHERE: Brønshøj Vandtårn

WHEN: February 17-20 at 19:00-21:00

The association Brønshøj Vandtårn opens its doors in connection with Copenhagen Light Festival and World Capital of Architecture and stages the former water tower with immersive sound and light experiences.

Free entrance

Lighting design:  Ernestas Povilenas


Brønshøj Vandtårn
Facebook: Brønshøj Vandtårn




WHERE: Danhostel, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50

“If we expose a structure/form we will (by time) be able to change/shape it”

Danhostel Copenhagen City and light and design studio PHOSPHOR present a series of events that sheds light on subjects and issues that requires our awareness.

Tower of Awareness urge people to seek knowledge, grow acceptance, and to be altruistic in helping, understanding, and discovering what you can do for people in our society with complicated feelings, life-structures, and preconditions.

Mental Health & Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition that affects how autistic people perceive the world, think and behave, and communicate and interact with others.

Put simply, autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently to other people and no one is the same.

Lights & Autism
For this version of Tower of Awareness we will do a colorful, slow-paced, playful yet calm animation at Danhostel Copenhagen City, for the event of CLF2023.

For more info on the subject, links and sources:
Instagram: phosphor.studio & cphhostel

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Danhostel Copenhagen City

81. GÆNGER (WALKER) (2018)

BY: Mogens Jacobsen (DK)

WHERE: Søndre Ringvej, Vallensbæk

This permanent piece opened in 2018. 

A steel construction consisting of twelve curves with mounted white light bulbs. These turn on and off with a gradual fading effect, and the speed depends on the amount of pedestrian and bike traffic on the nearby bridge. The twelve curves resemble a young person walking. When the light bulbs turn on and off faster than the eye can see, they appear to change from individual points to a complete, spatial representation of a person walking.

Mogens Jacobsen is an artist working with reactive installations. He embraced the Internet early on in 1992 as a new and open platform for art. In the year 2000, he changed his focus to working with critical objects and network installations, often with a humorous tone.

He has exhibited nationally and internationally, such as multiple times at ZKM in Germany, the Brazilian FILE festival, the Austrian Ars Electronica Festival, NO+CH in Kina and at Media Art Festival in Japan.

Instagram: artnodemo


BY: Juleministeriet/Christian Schubert

During the winter months, Jægersborggade is lit up by an installation with hanging, glowing orbs, which stretches all the way along the street.

Instagram: juleministeriet


BY: Kasper Wolf Stouenborg

The ongoing construction work at Papirøen is lit up by beams of light, creating a lively atmosphere among the soon finished houses awaiting their first inhabitants.

Instagram: stouenborg_denmark


BY: Kongens Nytorv

WHEN: January 17-October 15

The pavilion “Reflections in Common” opens on Kongens Nytorv as a reflective space in World Capital of Architecture 2023. The circular mirror construction reflects the historical buildings at Kongens Nytorv, and the inside hides an infinite landscape, which changes character along with the seasons. The pavilion will be open from January to October 2023.

Read more about the pavilion and the rest of World Capital of Architecture 2023’s busy program here:

Read more about the pavilion and the rest of World Capital of Architecture 2023’s busy program here: arkitekturhovedstad.kk.dk

Reflections in Common was designed by Urgent Agency and Standard Practice, with lighting design by Copenhagen Light Festival and iGuzzini.


BY: Copenhagen Light Festival

WHERE: Gammel Strand

For Copenhagen Light Festival, the streetlights have been coloured using analogue light filters along Gammel Strand, on the stretch from Højbro Plads to The Danish Ministry of Culture.

Thanks to
EDF Danmark



BY: Søren Hüttel (DK)

WHERE: Sjælør Station

Underneath the railway bridge at Sjælør Station, the permanent piece Det her sted, her, nu opened in 2022. The work consists of two colourful tiled walls and equally vibrant lighting.

Søren Hüttel is a graduate of Funen Art Academy. He often works with installation art, painting and lighting, drawing upon pop cultural references from the 80s and 90s.

Instagram: huttelsoren


BY: Byen Sover (DK)

WHERE: Østre Kapel at Vestre Kirkegård, entrance from Bavnehøj Allé

This permanent piece opened in 2021. 

A new piece of light art has turned Vestre Kirkegård into a magical place after dark. It consists of a large chandelier spanning 3.5 meters across, which highlights the area in front of Østre Kapel. The light from the chandelier transforms the forecourt into a warm and wonderful common space. Visitors can admire the ornamented shades of the chandelier, which turn the chapel inside out by mirroring spatial fantasies and pieces of the cultural and theatrical activities that can be enjoyed inside the chapel. This new feature was created around the concept of the cemetery being a sacred space for feelings and thoughtfulness.

This piece was installed by Områdefornyelse Bavnehøj.

Instagram: byensover


BY: Sonja Lillebæk Christensen (DK)

WHERE: Sydhavn Station

The permanent piece
Velkommen til – det konstruerede, det romantiske og det oversete opened in 2022. Three large LED screens on the underside of the train bridge show a piece of video art, which encapsulates the multitude of diverse stories related to the postal code 2450. This piece consists of collages and panoramic images from Sydhavn with plenty of edge, everyday poetry, hustle and bustle of daily life among the many construction workers of the city as well as politics on every scale of the spectrum. This video piece is full of contradictions, wonderful tall tales and an unbridled love for this particular district. A district where many people intend to stay for the rest of their lives.

The piece was set up by Copenhagen Municipality and the two area renewal projects in Sydhavnen and Bavnehøj in collaboration with Banedanmark and DSB.

Sonja Lillebæk Christensen is a graduate of Det Jyske Kunstakademi. She is the co-founder of Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station.

Instagram: sonjalillebaek


BY: Steven Scott (UK)

WHERE: HUBNORDIC, Kay Fiskers Plads 10, 2300 København S

SKYLINE and ODYSSEY are two permanent artworks in HUBNORDIC. Their official opening will be on February 3 at 16:30-18:00, where the artist will talk about the pieces and show his art film Triptych with music by Robert Ashley.

SKYLINE is a wall mounted work in six parts, which can be seen as an interpretation of the architectural surroundings. The colours on the ceiling change dynamically.

ODYSSEY is based on drone recordings taken in Ørestad. The recordings have been manipulated and blurred, turning them into part abstract and part figurative representations of the area. The sequences of the installation will not repeat during a lifetime.

Instagram: studio_steven_scott


BY: Steven Scott

WHEN: Silkegade 4, 1113 København K

The permanent installation in Illum opened in 2015.

The installation consists of fifty different light spaces. Their musical structure is divided into four movements, each examining different rhythmical and chromatic conditions.

The title refers to a series of works on glass made by Josef Albers in the 1920s.

Instagram: studio_steven_scott


BY: Frøjk & Herbst

WHERE: Remiseparken, at the end towards Hattemagerstien, 2300 København S

The mandala has been used across many religious and spiritual orientations throughout the centuries. Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung also used the mandala as a tool in the treatment of his clients, and he also drew mandalas himself. Many uses of the mandala share a common factor: it is said to hold the power to affect our perception of the self. This mandala has been crafted from UV-reactive string.

The sculpture was created in collaboration with Kulturpiloterne

Frøjk & Herbst consists of artists Silla Findstrøm Herbst and Helle Frøjk Knudsen. They develop art and cooperative creation processes for children and adolescents as well as joint artworks. They focus on giving children and adolescents experiences with different materials involving light, which can be connected with forms of expressions that are rooted in our visual culture.

Kulturpiloterne is a group of kids and adolescents from the local area around the Urban Plan in Amager. The group collaborates on developing and designing art and cultural initiatives for their local area.

Instagram: herbstsilla & froejke

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BY: Tivoli

WHERE: H.C. Andersens Boulevard 26

Tivoli offers a glimpse of the gardens at wintertime.


BY: Light Bureau

WHERE: Kulvej 2-20, 2450 København SV

Where: Kulvej 2-20, 2450 København SV

Since 2014, Frederiks Brygge has been under development. Today it houses new homes, a kindergarten, shops, restaurants, cafes, community centres and cultural facilities. DesignGroup Architects A/S designed the masterplan and Light Bureau designed the lighting with the aim to create well-lit spaces while setting the stage with discreet coloured light and playful projections that invite people to stay and play.

Photo: Philip Jelvard


Instagram: light__bureau


BY: Light Bureau

WHERE: Haifagade 4, 2150 København

An innovative and site-specific lighting design that encapsulates the environment and history of the area. Using the existing lighting to change the dark identity of the space while illuminating the underside of the subway.

Project partners: By & Havn, Light Bureau, COBE Architects and Copenhagen Municipality.

Photo: Rune Brandt Hermannsson

Instagram: light__bureau


The festival collaborates with several educational institutions that work with light and art in one way or another. We do this because we want to support the lighting designers and artists of the future. See the various study projects on the program for 2023 below.

We collaborate with KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology), AAU (Aalborg University), and Ungt Lys (Ungt Lys is a group of young members of DCL – The Danish Lighting Center).