Three of the over 30 light installations you can experience at the festival 2021

The full program is published January 2021

The Ice is melting at the Pøules

by Båll&Brand
at Harsdorffs hus, Kongens Nytorv.

Rings of Light

by Jonas Johansson, Olle Bjerkås, Per-Olov Jernberg
in the trees at Frederiksholms kanal


by Studio Vertigo
at Sundby Kirkegård

Sky by Vertigo Studio, 2020

When the winter darkness returns and makes the days shorter, the Copenhagen Light Festival returns aswell. 

The annual lighting festival takes place in Copenhagen in 3 weeks of February, and presents both Danish and International artists and designers. During this time architectural lighting, art, design, and installations will add a different aesthetic and expression to the winter season in the city spaces of Copenhagen.

Interactive Trampolines by Cong Liu, 2020

Take a Look Inside by Arthur van der Zaag, 2020

The Wave by Vertigo Studio, 2020

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Blue Horizon by Silla Herbst, 2020

The Unique Qualities of Light in the Dark by Amanda Søes, 2020

Bridge over Bubbled Water af Mads Vegas, 2020

Copenhagen Light Festival 2020

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