Copenhagen Light Festival

1 – 23 February 2020

Kort over lysværker og events 2020
Map over the light works of 2020

Find lysværkerne, ud fra hvor du er med app’en: Indenfor10minutter
Find the light art whereever you are with the app: Within10minutes


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Copenhagen Light Festival recommends

Below you find short and longer walk- and bike routes. Along these you will find several of the light installations of the festival.

Copenhagen Light Festival anbefaler
Nedenfor finder du kort til både korte og lange gå- og cykelruter, hvor du møder mange af festivalens værker på vejen.

Long bike route (Lang cykelrute)

Shot bike route (kort cykelrute)

Long walk route (lang gårute)

Short walk route (kort gårute)


Light Potpourri 


Take a look at some of the light installations from Copenhagen Light Festival 2020.

When the winter darkness falls and makes the days shorter, the Copenhagen Light Festival returns. 

The annual festival takes place in the streets and urban spaces of Copenhagen, and presents both Danish and International artists and designers. During this time architectural lighting, art, design, and installations will add a different aesthetic and expression to the winter darkness in Copenhagen.

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