1st-24th of February 2019

Thank you for a wonderful
Copenhagen Light Festival 2018

Copenhagen Light Festival 2018

Please analyze, volumize, moisturize me
by Henrik Vibskov

Guided Canal Boat Tours
Every Night

Eternal Sundown
by Mads Vegas

Little mermaid in red?
A quick guerilla act on February 27 2018

As a gesture to China -
the Festival lit up in red

by Oskar Koliander

Winter in Tivoli


CLF18 on TV world tour

We are very proud to announce that – and hold tight – there has been 200 million views on TV around the world with the news of Copenhagen Light Festival 2018! 2.9 million of them is Danish. How wild is that? Thanks for the great work from that has helped us with opening the world eyes to Copenhagen.


Copenhagen Light Festival 2018

This video shows a some of the works from the 2018 program which showed great variety in expression.

We hope that the festival made you go out into Copenhagen’s winter-dark streets and canals, discovering light works.

Thank you Copenhagen for making the stage for the light festival. It was a pleasure to adorn you with light for a while. Now you’re back to normal – and still beautiful.


Louis Poulsen Award 2018

At the Final Party of Copenhagen Light Festival 2018 the 3 best works was awarded generously by Louis Poulsen:

  1. The first prize with 25.000 kr. went to Christian Lemmerz with ‘SOS’ on the Ministry of Culture.
  2. The second place went to Tivolis magnificent and poetic ‘Winter in Tivoli’.
  3. Third place went to Mads Vegas ‘Eternal Sundown’ on Bølgen by Hotel Marriot.

Thank you to all the artists and partners for your contributions! Read more

What is Copenhagen Light Festival?

What is Copenhagen Light Festival?

Visit for free – Central Copenhagen will host an outdoor lighting festival with a Danish take. The themes that you expect from Danish art and design is embedded in the events and art works of the festival: Minimalistic beauty, genuine high quality, design and art that shape light itself to human needs, sustainability, and enchanting interaction with architecture and spaces. 2018 will be our debut.

Opening for your contributions

Copenhagen municipality supports generously

On 22th December Copenhagen Municipality decided to donate a generous contribution of 250.000 kr. to the Copenhagen Light Festival 2018. The support is intended primarily to support the installations.
On 24th August Copenhagen Municipality decided to donate a generous contribution of 300.000 kr. to the Copenhagen Light Festival 2018. The support is intended primarily to support the organisation and promotion (Photo: Tivoli)

What is Copenhagen Light festival?

Louis Poulsen becomes main sponsor

In December the Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen decided generously to become the Main Sponsor of 2018 festival and contributes actively to the festival with a big light installation, a seminar, the Final Party of the festival with a price for the best installation as well as a donation to support the organization.

What is Copenhagen Light festival?

Lots of other events in February

Winter is silent – but not in Copenhagen. Besides the lighting festival, February 2018 will be loaded with events. Just to mention a few: Copenhagen Winter Pride 6-13/2, new season Winter in Tivoli is open 2 – 25/2 with lot of light and hygge, traditional Danish “Kyndelmisse” (Candlemas) 2/2, the 18th “Vinterjazz” (Winter Jazz with more than 600 concerts in Denmark) 2-25/2. (Photo: Tivoli)

Partners and sponsors

Founding partners



Main sponsor