Circle Bridge (Cirkelbroen)

– Olafur Eliasson

Langebrogade 1b, Copenhagen K

Light is an integral part of this unusual pedestrian bridge. The construction consists of five circular platforms of various sizes, each with its own ‘mast’. The bridge is a permanent work of art, an important landmark, and a beloved traffic element. Cirkelbroen (‘The Circle Brigde’) connects two parts of Islands Brygge thus enabling both pedestrians and cyclists to travel alongside the quay in this central and spectacular part of the inner harbour. Based on the Christianshavn district’s maritime history and culture, Olafur Eliasson used the sailing boat as the visual point of departure for the design of Cirkelbroen.

It is Olafur Eliasson’s first artwork in the public space in Copenhagen. The bridge creates a contrast to the harbor’s straight line. With the zigzag design of the brigde, Olafur Eliasson hope that it will make people use Cirkelbroen as a meeting place, reduce their speed and take a break.

Cirkelbroen’s red structure is lit at night, and one section of the bridge functions like a swing bridge, rotating to allow large boats to pass into and out of the canal.

Tips and recommendations

See this landmark from the seaside, or join a harbour ark walk.


Langebrogade 1b, 1411 Copenhagen K



  • Olafur Eliasson, artist
  • Studio Olafur Eliasson: Sebastian Behmann (architectural design), Robert Banović (project architect) and Jan Bünnig (prototyping).


  • Nordea-fonden has built the bridge as a gift to the City of Copenhagen, which, now is responsible for its operation and maintenance. Nordea-fonden supports non-profit and charitable purposes.


  • Consulting engineers: Rambøll A/S
  • Project management: KMA Advisory A/S
  • Construction management: Arpe & Kjeldsholm A/S
  • Steelwork: KSM Industry A/S
  • Hydraulics and controls: SH-Group A/S
  • Electricity: Høyrup & Clemmensen A/S
  • Concrete work and construction site: CG Jensen A/S