Windows of Light – Arthur van der Zaag

29 August 2018 – 24 February 2019, 6 PM-12AM (weekdays) 6 PM-1AM (weekends)  
Site: Nikolaj Kunsthal, Nikolaj Plads 10, 1067 København K

Windows of Light is a work created by lighting designer Arthur van der Zaag and developed in collaboration with Lighting Metropolis and Aalborg University Copenhagen – Lighting Design. The work moves on the border between light and video, and it will be visible from the outside after sunset. It is centered on one of the church windows and the stairway on the north side of Nikolaj Kunsthal. The beautiful windows in the northwestern corner of the building will be used as a medium to create a story about the window itself, and especially what is going on behind. By using three layers of lighting (from the outside, from the inside and from the back of the room) the work will challenge and examine our perception of depth. “Using these three layers and colored lights, we work with the depth in two ways: the physical displacement of layers and the influence that the use of colors has on the the human perception of the depth.” – Arthur van der Zaag.

Arthur van der Zaag (born 1966) was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and lives and works in Copenhagen. The work was created in collaboration with Lighting Metropolis, Aalborg University Copenhagen – Lighting Design and Arthur van der Zaag. Third-semester students at Lighting Design from AAU have studied the outdoor area and prepared suggestions for light concepts. From this, Arthur van der Zaag has further developed an independent lighting work.

Tips and recommendations

Go inside Nikolaj Kunsthal during daytime and see their exhibitions.



  • Arthur van der Zaag


  • Video: Arthur Steijn
  • Lighting Programmer: Sonja Lea
  • Project Programmer: Mads Eckert Hermansen



  • Photo: Skipper Photography