-Karoline H. Larsen

Opens: 16 February – 17.00-21.00
16 February – 24 February (permanent installation thereafter)

Site: The passages at Blågårds Square, 2200 Copenhagen N

”Tracks” – Where do we come from? Where are we going? What do people have in common?
By Karoline H. Larsen in collaboration with ÅF Lighting.

Walking through the passages at Blågård Square, one can experience the light art, Tracks. The work of art is inspired by the diversity of Blågård neighbourhood and the crisscross movement on and around the community’s hub, Blågård Square.
Black cubes and black tracks mark with coloured light different directions and positions. Inside the large passage, the black tracks are connected into an invisible cube, which measurements corresponds to Blågård Square. Visitors who walk through the passages will unconsciously experience various angles: Up, down, middle, close-up, further away etc. and the brain will attempt to create coherence, unity, draw invisible connections and unison between the cubes and the tracks – the diverse outlook!

The Blågård neighbourhood has always been a multifarious newcomer-quarter known as “The black Cube”. Residents and guests of the area originates from all corners of the world and moves across Blågård Square and wanders through the passages. It is these physical, cultural and social movements which constitutes the inspiration for “Tracks”.

Tips and recommendations

Tracks opened at a Giant Light Party at February 16 arranged by Støberiet where also Jakob Sikker Remin and Eye-Eye was filling the square and Støberiet light and a giant party tent with theater. More info here



  • Karoline H. Larsen


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