Sustainable Underwater Light – GoBoat

Date: February 1 – 24  
Site: GoBoat, Islands Brygge 10, 2300 Copenhagen S











GoBoats’ blue boats sail entirely on solar-, water-, and wind energy. For Copenhagen Light Festival, the green energy is utilized in order to illuminate the water with beautiful colours surrounding the floating dock. 

The underwater light installation consists or 4 lamps in an N shape, to ensure that the water around the pier is lit from both water and land side. The light will have 4 different static colour shades.


Tips and recommendations

At GoBoats pier you have a very nice look to Danhostel Copenhagens work Phosphor as well as Camilla Brix Andersens The Orb. During Copenhagen Light Festival, Gun Gordillos neon light work “Taraxa” will be visible in GoBoats maritime pavillon.



Designer & partner

  • GoBoat