Light under the Arch
– Jesper Kongshaug

1 – 24 February (permanent).
Bispeengbuen, 2000 Frederiksberg

The purpose of Light under Arch – Bispeengbuen is to create an enhanced sense of safety in the area, while simultaneously adding an element of identity, utilizing the distinct character of the place. The thematic light is designed to generate different atmospheres in the space. There is in the light setting, focus on how to change the existing dark atmospheres and grey nature of the concrete setting, to a much more attractive and inviting expression. This will also attract people, who are an additional contribution, with making the area appealing hence adding life and safety. The light installation is set, so it looks like it’s the bridge construction itself, which is light-emitting with a smooth illumination without glare, which helps to ensure installation attractiveness. This makes the installation an integrated part of the Arch, where the construction itself is included.

Tips and recommendations

Light under the Arch – Bispeengbuen is pre-programmed to change between various light-themes in a scheduled order. This occurs in patient and calming transitions, ensuring traffic safety and to avoid bothering the surrounding neighbors. It is possible to change the scheduled order and make a certain light-theme appear. This could for instance be in order to support an activity or an event under the Arch – Bispeengbuen. It is possible to interact with the light installation by text message. This allows the citizens to influence what light theme is displayed.

During Copenhagen Light Festival in February, the municipality of Frederiksberg will in collaboration with Urban 13 be hosting an event on location, where people are invited to come and watch Light under the Arch – Bispeengbuen and the effect of interacting with the installation by text message. Date TBA: More information follows here.




  • Jesper Kongshaug


  • Frederiksberg Kommune
  • Ipsen el
  • iGuzzini
  • Urban 13


  • Danish Lighting Center