Labyrinth of Light – Benjamin Noir & Mads Vegas

1 – 24 February 2019. February 1: Light party with DJ, food and good vibes from 17.00 – 20.00
Site: Englandsparken. Entrance in the crossing Irlandsvej/Englandsvej, 2300 København S

Get lost, find yourself, and be drawn to light in the lush green spaces of Amager 

A dark and overlooked park on Amager is revitalized in February when a giant light labyrinth invites all to lose themselves and find their way through a maze of light.  

Benjamin Noir’s & Mads Vegas’ “Labyrinth of Light” is a giant construction of transparent walls, which will take up a considerable part of a large lawn in Englandsparken.  

School kids from Sundby also contributes to Copenhagen Light Festival and Englandsparken with selfmade and designed light installations developed during a teaching course.

Venture into the Labyrinth of Light  

Get lost in the maze and see if you can find the heart at its center. The artist, Benjamin Noir, is excited to open the gate to “Labyrinth of Light” in collaboration with one of the brightest light-artists in Denmark, Mads Vegas and the housing association 3B (Boligforeningen 3B). Englandsparken on Amager is a triangular green oasis surrounded by trees and bushes. With a massive light-labyrinth in the middle, the secluded park will open to the masses and offer a unique experience during Copenhagen Light Festival. 

Tips and recommendations

Labyrinth of Light was kick started with a light party February 1st with Simon Dokkedal (Den Sorte Skole) as DJ, food and good vibes and the opening of Labyrinth of Light. Date & time: 1 February from 17.00 – 20.00. Arranged by Partnerskabet 3B and Områdefornyelsen Sundby . 

Go to Englandsparken after dawn to experience the labyrinth. Entering the park, you can also enjoy the fun and inspiring light sculptures made by local school kids from Sundby as a part of Copenhagen Light Festival.



  • Benjamin Noir & Mads Vegas


  • Boligforeningen 3B
  • Partnerskabet Urbanplanen
  • Områdefornyelsen Sundby
  • Amager Vest Lokaludvalg


  • Kim Matthaï Leland