House of Industry (Industriens hus)

– Kollision

Permanent. 1 – 24 February (special festival program from 15 – 08).
Site: H. C. Andersens Blvd. 18, 1553 København V (Rådhuspladsen)

Industriens Hus Copenhagen Light Festival DCL

A vibrant and living house, located in a pulsing city

When the night falls, the House of Industry contributes to the atmosphere of the City Hall Square. Every day, the facade shows designs that decorates the house, and the lighting scenarios reflects the seasons and every quarter the house changes design and colours. For Copenhagen Light Festival Danish Industry has assembled a 15-minute show of the best of their scenarios, that shows the many different expressions, the media facade gives. The show consists of six sequences: Light, LIGHT colour space 1 +2, light rain, light colour print and light alphabet.

The facade of the newly renovated industrial house in the heart of Copenhagen consists of 1,331 pieces of glass and more than 80,000 diodes. A total of 3.9 km LED panels.

The idea of ​​the many LED diodes is to create a dynamic facade that changes throughout the day, so the people in the 40,000 vehicles as well as the 25,000 people who pass the building daily, gets a different experience, depending on the time of day and the year.

The facade has its own daily rhythm. During the day and summer, the facade is mostly off, but with some life on the facade in the winter. When the darkness drops in the afternoon, the activity rises quietly as traffic and life on the street. In the evenings there can be more party and color, but when the clock hits 1 at night, the building goes to sleep – a kind of subdued heartbeat – and settles down with the city for the night.

The facade is controlled using a specially developed software, where all existing and future designs can be selected and tested in a detailed 3D model of the facade before being sent on the 3.800 m2 media surface.

The facade plays with city life and changes content and expressions throughout the day, the week and the seasons and special occasions.

Tips and recommendations

Danish Industry is located at Rådhuspladsen and the nearest light works in Copenhagen Light Festival 2019 is Tivoli Corner, Winter in Tivoli and Lighten Up Copenhagen at Strøget.



  • Transform Arkitekter (Architecture, Design of Facade and Lighting Concept)
  • Kollision (Media Design, Graphics and Software)
  • Martin Professional (Fixture Design and Hardware)


  • Dansk Industri


  • Construction management: E. Pihl & Søn A/S
  • Electricity: Kemp & Lauritzen