High Light (Højlys)

2-24 February
Site: Brønshøjvej 29, 2700 Brønshøj

“Højlys” is a interactive light installation, in the top of the old 1928 water tower in the center of the city part “Brønshøj”

The installation invites the thousands of people who can see the tower fromt their house, to login to www.højlys.dk and “claim” the windows they can see on the tower. By doing this they activate a “lighthouse-like” light sweeping around the tower and glowing up the windows of their choice. All accompanied by voices of local children singing inside the tower.



  • Yoke


  • Kulturhuset Pilegården


  • Danish Lighting Center and Rune Brink Hansen (graphics)

Watch video about Højlys