EKKO – Vertigo

Date: February 1 – 24
Site: Copenhagen Contemporary, Refshalevej 173A, 1432 København K

EKKO (Echo) is an auditory and visual work, you find in the square in front of the art center, Copenhagen Contemporary. The artwork unfolds between four light masts from the old B&W shipyard and highlights the Refshaleøen (Refshale Island) in the horizon of Copenhagen by reinterpreting the light which was previously characteristic for the area. Back in its grandeur, B&W produced ships around the clock and the constantly lit island was hence visible from the other side of the bay. With EKKO, the island’s original four light columns are revived and reflect the contemporary life, which now fills the old shipyard area with culture and liveliness. Each column constitutes a sound source connected to the light-side of the work. In between the masts, a quadrophonic sound experience unfolds, and the installation is therefore two-sided as this part can only be experienced close up.

The artist collective, Vertigo consists of the artists Frederik Hilmer Svanholm, Vibeke Bertelsen and Mikkel Meyer and is known in Denmark and internationally for their way of utilizing new technology in order to create immersive installations with light and sound. For instance, they have gained massive attention with the installation, The Wave, which has been on display in London, Liverpool and most recently, at SNFCC in Athens and in Copenhagen Light Festival 2018 on Ofelia Beach.

Tips and recommendations

Jump on the bike and spare yourself the joy of getting close to this art work!




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