(The bicycle snake)

Site: Cykelslangen

Copenhagen’s iconic cycle bridge, Cykelslangen (The Bicycle Snake) connects the city and transports cyclists across the harbour on an aesthetic ride above the harbour basin.

Cykelslangen is yet a perfect example of what puts Copenhagen among the very best bike cities in the world. Its slender design and the experience it offers to cyclists stands out as a perfect contrast to the buildings and concrete between which it passes.

In the hand list there is a luminaire with led lights, which in the evening illuminates the lane evenly without aperture. The bridge deck has a slight drop towards the center where rainwater is led down to drain located inside the pills.

Tips and recommendations

Jump on a bike – it’s quite a lot of fun to ride at night.


1560 København V



  • Architect: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
  • Landscape: Marianne Levinsen Landskab


  • Copenhagen Municipality


  • Contractor: MT Højgaard
  • Engineer: Rambøll
  • Light Design: Lightconstructor