Winter in Tivoli

2 – 25 February
Site: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V


It is the ambition to take the guests on a light trip, and Tivoli is internationally famous for its special “Tivoli Light”. Guests may look forward to experiencing a winter-styled garden with interactive stardust that pursues the guests in the main entrance.
Tivoli’s light designer Jesper Kongshaug has invited a number of artists to visit, who, with their light scenes, will set the garden in a special winter light.

Lighting and illuminations during Winter in Tivoli:

  • Two very different shows on the lake:
    1. “The Prophecy of Vølven” in three acts with electronic music created especially for the occasion. Among other things, guests will see Odin’s eye on the lake and the dramatic ragnarok of the mythology of Scandinavian history is told with laser light show and newly designed illuminations on the water.
    2. “Tango Jalousie” inspired by Jacob Gade’s evergreen, who was a member of Tivoli-Garden, and with the Tango-Jalousie, “he returns home” to Tivoli again. 
    Both shows were created by Tivoli Light Designer Jesper Kongshaug, and they are shown twice every evening throughout the season.
  • Pixel mapping at the Nimb’s facade which alternately freezes and melts and a graphic work that runs on a roof near Mazzoli’s which includes the popular Aphex Twin Number Avril 14th. Both artworks are created by upcoming visual artist Ane Nejsum.
  • Laser beam from Tivoli to Nikolaj Kunsthal created by Martin Ersted. The light from the laser beam marks Copenhagen’s cultural district and shows a central part of the route for the Copenhagen Light Festival, which runs from 2 February to 2 March.
  • Illuminated Origami swans on the lake created by the Tivoli Development Department. The swans are inspired by H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale “The wild swans”.
  • Tivoli’s Main Avenue is covered with interactive stardust from projections never seen outside before in Denmark.
  • Ice labyrinth with projections, inspired by an art work Jesper Kongshaug has made for Soho in London.
  • Little Sun Light Swarm“, created by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, is 33 lamps that float between trees in geometric shapes with changing light appearances (from 2017).
  • In front of Nimb, a 300 m2 large octagonal ice rink with light in the ice and the ceiling. 
  • During Winter in Tivoli the general light expression is blue and white.
  • The Tivoli Corner will glow in a deep blue hue.

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  • Lighting Design by Jesper Kongshaug, Jakob Helenius mfl.

Photo credits

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