Public permits

Guide to acquire public permits

There is 2-3 public permits to acquire, depending on the size and other details of your lightinstallation.

Hosts and artists must ensure the proper permits and power of attorney for their light works. Down below you will find links to the pages, where you should apply. However, unfortunately all forms are in Danish. We are therefor ready to help you if you donøt have a host or danish speaking person to help you.

Remember to have your NemId ready when applying.

For information concerning bridges and street lighting contract the Secretariat.

Permission for public events from Byliv

Apply four weeks before the event

Everyone who wishes to establish material on a public road always has to apply for permission.

Information about the materiale is crucial in terms of weight, size, and more.

Building permits

Submitted building permits can be adjusted later.

After applying for permission for public events, you should apply for a building permit, if your light work requires it. See the requirements by clicking the button below. A building permit has up to three months processing time.

Permits/power of attorney from Byliv is used when obtaining a building permit – the power of attorney is an expression of the fact that the municipality of Copenhagen is the landowner of the area that will be used.

In case of a private ownership the permit has to be obtained from the private landowner.

Police permission

Apply four weeks before the event
OBS the application is in danish. If you have trouble getting a translation you can contact the festival secretariat.

The application should be filled out and submitted to kbh-tilladelser@politi.dk