– Kasia, Lucrezia, Christian & Simon

2 February – 2 March
Site: Knasten by Havnegade, 1058 København K

Experience Wavescape – where the interaction between sound, water and light creates the framework for a vibrant and dynamic space. Help create great listening shows for yourself and your friends by putting your own favorite songs on your smartphone – or try one of our recommended songs – and experience how the sound creates dance patterns in the water and how the lights are projecting these patterns on a canvas pulses like a living organ.

The installation will be active every day in February from 17-22, and will continuously develop during the period.

Tips and recommendations

Bring your smartphone, activate bluetooth and connect to “soundbox”. Play your favorite song.


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  • Artist group of former and current students from AAU and KADK:
    Katarzyna Krawczuk, Lucrezia Seghi, Christian Fisker & Simon Panduro


  • Dansk Lys Innovationsnetværk


  • Photo by Marcin Serdeczny