– Martin Ersted

3 February from kl. 18 – 24
Site:  Danhostel, HC Andersen Blvd. 50, 1553 København V

With 56 meters, Danhostel is one of the tallest buildings in the harbor. With the use of laser, abstract animations, with water as the main theme, are projected on the building’s facade.

The 3-4 animations, in their expression, will circle water splashes, waves, drops and floating elements.
The animations are made digitally by hand frame by frame, after which the many frames – between 200 and 300 are imported elsewhere and gathered for an animation. The animation is filmed with an older fuji camera and the movie is then re-imported into a third program, which is again compiled to the final animation.
This gives the animation a more organic look despite the very simple laser lines.

Tips and recommendations

Experience ‘Waterworld’ from the sea, Islands Brygge, Kalvebod Brygge or Langebro.



  • Martin Ersted fra kollaborationen Båll&Brand


  • Danhostel
  • Indre By Lokaludvalg


  • Photo by Mathias Peter Christian v/ Kongshaug Production