The Door / City of Helsingborg
(in collaboration with Alexandra Instituttet)

2 – 26 February
Site: Højbro Plads, 1213 København K, (and Helsingborg)
– Another ‘Door’ is situated in Helsingborg in the “Drömljus” festival, that lasts from 9 -18 February

The Door is an installation consisting of two free standing interactive doors serving as portals into a parallel world. The two doors are located in different cities and help to bridge the gap and make a connection between the cities.

The installation encourages social and amusing interaction and helps bring smiles to people’s lips during the cold winter months, while also serving as a benchmark of the city’s vibrant centre and a peephole to the other side of the strait.

One of the purposes of The Door is to rouse the visitors’ curiosity and surprise them when they least expect it. For example knocks are sometimes heard and physical smoke is continuously flowing from in a light at the bottom.

When opening the door you will encounter digital smoke, and you can catch a glimpse of another world. By using your body, you can move the smoke and suddenly you will see a full picture of Mount Everest or the Great Wall of China for example. You can also get the experience of being in a roller coaster wagon in Tivoli just around the corner – depending on what time of day you drop by.

Occasionally, the door on the other side of the strait will open and the image will switch to a live feed with people you do not know in another city.

Together, you can use physical movements to get a sharper image of each other – by keeping the smoke away. After a while, the visitors will probably discover that coordinated movements (and joint efforts) provide extra power. An extra dimension is opening …

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Open the door to see what’s behind it.


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  • based on the idea of Helsingborg Stad
  • developed by Alexandra instituttet


  • Helsingborg Stad


  • Helsingborg Stad
  • Alexandra-instituttet


  • Photo by Liselotte Stenfeldt