Temperature Field

– Jakob Oredsson

28 November – 2 March
Site: Grønningen i Ørestad Nord, 2300 København S

‘Temperature Field’ activates the central park Grønningen in Ørestad Nord (behind DR) and invites visitors to explore how color temperature and light rhythm influences experience of public spaces.

The work consists of eight masts spread over the greenery in a seemingly random composition. Each mast holds two lamps, each focused in opposite directions. Two cones of light are projected from each onto the grass covered ground. The light is programmed to change continually according to two of the most basic qualities of light, changing color temperature and rhythm.

As the sun sets the light pulsates, in a smooth gradual rhythm, rather fast and as it approaches the end of day the light pulsates gradually slower throughout the night until sunrise.

Tips and recommendations

You will be able to experience a constant pulsating field of light cones with continuously changing color temperatures.




  • Jakob Oredsson


  • Studio Reflektor


  • GF Ørestad Universitetskvarter


  • Photo by Hampus Berndtson