Orb Family

– Pipaluk Supernova and Thomas Jørgensen

2 February – 2 March
The exhibition is permanent afterwards.
Site: Emil Holms Kanal by KUA, 2300 København S


An ORB family has settled down under the bridge by Emil Holms Kanal. It is the rare species of Orbus Luminosus that migrates from the Arctic regions. The ORBs are probably attracted to the climate in Ørestad. ORBs are sensitive and intelligent creatures, they communicate in a language of color and color signals and are attracted to voices, songs and music. ORBs are night animals and sleep during the day.

The work is part of a larger, ongoing environment of the university channel and the street Emil Holms Kanal, owned and run by the Landowners Association Ørestad University Quarter and Ørestad Vandlaug.

Tips and recommendations

Go for a walk in an Ørestad Nord where three installations light up the district


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  • Pipaluk Supernova and Thomas Jørgensen from Live Art Installations


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  • Photo Catja Thystrup