Guided tours

Guided canal tours

1-23 2020 February at 19.00
Departure place: Ved Stranden, 1202 København K

Ticket sales open in January 2020

Join Stromma Danmark, Canal Tours’, live guided cana
tours in English and Danish along the light route by the water front
and get to learn more about the artists and their artworks.  

Stromma, Canal Tours, is one of the official partners in the Copenhagen Light Festival – Copenhagen’s newest festival, which will show the city in a new way.
The lightfestival concept is well-known from the Amsterdam Light Festival, where people gather around the canals to experience the attractiveness of the sculptures in the dark.
In Copenhagen, 10 unique light installations around the city will transform darkness into light. In addition, at least 10 beautiful buildings and workshops that have been nominated for or have won awards for their lighting design also illuminates the city.

Take a night in the dark as Stromma Danmark navigate through Copenhagen’s harbor and canals. Throughout February, the sad winter darkness is replaced by poetic, surprisingly, marvelous and meditative light from light installations along the water. A number of artists have created unique installations only with light, and on this 45 minute trip you will hear about the works, the artists and their thoughts behind it all. Just sit and enjoy the light in the dark.

The trip starts from our departure point at Ved Stranden where the work ‘Poetical reflections and shadows’ illuminates the jetty and puts the turbulent life of the water into play.

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