No call for concepts until further notice

Dear festival supporters and participants

As we are writing these lines, it is still uncertain whether there will be a third edition of Copenhagen Light Festival. The secretariat has filed several funding applications, and awaits answers to these over the summer, after which we will be able to decide on the future of the festival.

In the light of the first two years of success, we see it as a necessity to strengthen and professionalize the secretariat. Amongst others, we also need to make a Danish version of the website, Furthermore, it is important to be able to influence the development and the geographical location of selected works. All this costs money – essentially an approximate doubling the cost of developing, organizing and marketing the festival. For the same reason, it is unfortunately necessary for us with some time for reflection allowing for clarification of the economic situation. Catja Thystrup, who has delivered an indispensable and exceptional effort for the festival and for DCL, no longer works for the secretariat, but awaits any new construction. Please direct inquiries about the above to Anne Bay, + 45 17 18 00 and if you want to get hold of Catja, it can be done on +45 31 23 26 56.

(June 2019)

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