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REST confronts the viewer in a playful and aesthetic manner with the topic of light pollution. This modern issue is disrupting most living organisms’ day-night cycle, thus negatively affecting i.a. sleep – especially in urban and industrial areas.

Visitors are invited to actively engage with the installation, where they can step into an artificial meadow-like field of glowing acrylic rods. As visitors walk through the installation, the rods in their proximity light up blue. This blue light has a similar frequency to daylight and thus blocks, due to its short wavelength, the production of melatonin which regulates the sleep-wake cycle in animals. Therefore exposure to blue light is generally seen as disruptive for

human and other animals’ sleep. The installation, is thought to represent this disruption of sleep by changing the color in which it shines. The glowing rods shine in an orange light as long as there is no activity sensed in close proximity to them. This is thought to reference the ”warmer“ color of sunlight during dusk, which signals the shift from day to night, leaving the

installation resting. This calmness is interrupted, when a visitors enters the installation and causes the ”wakening“ blue light. Finally, when there isn’t any movement detected within the timespan of a minute, the installation begins to remember its previous encounters and reiterates through prior paths taken by visitors. It thusremembers their presence and shows the path of artificial light excess humans create – the residue, the REST one otherwise wouldn’t care to think about.

About the artists
Group 3 is a young Group of Students from Denmark and Germany that started working together in autumn 2019. They are currently based in Aalborg, Denmark, and are especially intrigued in the fields of artistic research, interactivity and light art. REST is their first piece as a group.

At the moment Group 3 are: Anne-Kathrine Søndergaard Møller, Emma Leonora von Rosen, Maria Sneding Rohde, Paulinus Burger and Victoria Skjødt.