What’s in it for me?

If you are a commercial partner

Your company name and logo name will be displayed on numerous digital platforms, and will be part of the secretariat’s active promotion toward national and international press and other organisations such as Visit Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen, if f you decide to

  • officially sponsor Copenhagen Light Festival
  • promote your company via one or more light installation(s) or
  • otherwise contribute to the light art or lighting design installations in Copenhagen Light Festival.

If needed, the secretariat will connect you to potential artist and designers. Contributions from commercial partners could also be made as sponsorships or supplying materials or equipment directly to other contributors.

Becoming an official partner or supplier and using the Copenhagen Light Festival name and logo in your own marketing, websites and other communication requires a small contribution to the festival secretariat.

Contact Us

Catja Thystrup
Head of Project
Copenhagen Light Festival
Phone: +45 3123 2656