Guided light canal tours

  • 2-25 February at 19.00: Join Stromma Danmark, Canal Tours’, live guided canal tours in English and Danish along the light route by the water front and get to learn more about the artists and their artworksStart place: The pier at Ved Stranden 16. If fully booked, another boat will sail at 20.00.
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Guided light walks

  • Every Friday at 19.00: Jesper Ravn, architect and lighting designer with a special interest for darkness, guides a walk along the light route in English / Danish. 
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  • Every Saturday at 19.00: Clarissa Concilio, lighting design student from fra AAU and assistent at Gottlieb og Paludan guides a walk along the light route in English / Italian. .
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  • Thursday, February 8: Seminar related with the Drömljus Festival in Helsingborg, see more and sign up here. Drömljus is taking place on 9-18 February.

  • Tuesday, February 20: RUC organizes a seminar Social Lighting Design.
    See the program and sign up here.
  • Tuesday, February 27: Louis Poulsen has a professional seminar on dynamic lighting with Light Collective.
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Workshops at Storm20

Come by for creative ‘hygge’ and walk illuminated out in to the winter darkness.

When the Copenhagen Light Festival fills the city’s space with exciting light installations, Copenhagen’s new creative venue for history and art STORM20 opens the door to play with light in many ways.
Here you can get the heat back and be creative with electric wires and luminous materials, explore the history of the city’s lights or make lamps of recycled materials.

Examples of workshops are

  • Make a light flower in electric wire

  • CNC – make a candleholder for quad light and mill patterns based on details on old street lights.

  • DIY Light-up-yourself Workshop, where you can try different forms of luminous colors and decorations.

  • Light Embroidery, Sew embroidery patterns with self-luminous thread or give mittens and hat crocheted minireflex flowers.

  • Make luminescent lights with glow sticks and jam glass. Decorate with details from old lamp posts.

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Louis Poulsen Award 2018

All of the works of the festival was honored at the Final Party of Copenhagen Light Festival 2018 and the 3 best works was awarded generously by Louis Poulsen!

  1. The first prize went to Christian Lemmerz with ‘SOS’, because the light installation comments on the current and lean cultural policy sent from the cultural ministry’s windows.
  2. The second place went to Tivoli’s magnificent and poetic ‘Winter in Tivoli’.
  3. Third place went to Mads Vegas ‘Eternal Sundown’ that beautifully brightened the winter darkness and reminded us that the much-needed sunlight soon returns.

Thank you to all the artists for your contributions. A big thanks to partners and sponsors for the support and to the many festival participants for positiv response and interest. Read more here